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Lost all power


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I'm too tired to figure this out right now. I just finished a night shift, and 5 mins walk from my house the bike decided to die on me.

I noticed that the lights were flickering, so I stopped to look and the bike stalled and the lights went out completely.

I could not start the bike at all (doesn't even turn over) can't even bump start it.

I'm guessing it's probably the battery but not being mechanically minded (yet) I have no real idea.

I'm going to go to sleep now and see if I can figure it out when I wake up later (like 2pm)

The bike is a Yamaha sr125 1997 model, if you have any ideas/suggestions what to check later when I get up I'd be grateful, cheers :)

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Guest philgale

when you turn the ignition on do the lights come on????

if not will more than likely be the battery, im sure a battery isnt much cash to just get a new one

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if no life whatsoever try a another battery ( if you have a car try using jump leads just to see if that works )if not check batterry connections and the cables especially the negative side .... if still cant find any problem try attaching a separate piece of wire from the NEGATIVE battery terminal to a point on the engine ( cam chain tensioner mounting bolts etc ) (just hold it there) and if you get some life that way it is a broken earth cable (negative ) .....

check electolyte level in battery ( the water in the battery) and top up with distilled water if low ...

if i remember correctly there is a fuse under the left hand side panel ( if sat on bike) (white thing that looks like

http://www.girr.org/girr/tips/tips7/fuses.jpg check the fuse in that ( see if you can see the wire running down the centre and if it has any breaks or the glass is blackened)

for a test as well just clarify there is power reaching places bridge the two contacts on the solenoid under the left hand side panel with a spanner/screwdriver (it will spark a bit when touched but its only 12v ) this will engage the starter motor

it looks something like this ( black round object with two large cables ( red if i remember ) and they attach to two Brass coloured bolts fitted to the solenoid .bridge the two brass parts .......make sure bike not in gear or fingers are in anywhere they could be caught if the bike starts ......if this works the then i would suspect the fuse or possibly the ignition switch itself .....

but if not it could be the earth as mentioned ( test the two ( bridge the solenoid & apply a separate earth to engine ) just to check one or the other


you can test the positive side of cables as well by placing a seperate cable from the positive battery connection and then work out which cable on the solenoid comes from battery and hold the cable onto tht terminal and test

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Thanks Tim, that's great advice. I'll check it tomorrow afternoon when I wake up :) At work right now, mornign I'll be sleeping.

Hope it's something simple like the fuse :D Of course, then I have to wonder why the fuse blew...

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sometimes just vibration and old age can kill a fuse .......its like a light bulb filament they just wear out

Well I just had a look (after checking haynes manual to find exatly where fuse is) after getting in from work. Still dark but used a torch :D

I found the problem right away without needing to check anything else...

There was a wire that had worked loose, I assume from vibration, on the wire that the fuse was attached too! Plugged it back in, and it now starts fine and all the electrics come on.

I am so relieved!

Apologies if any spelling mistakes, I just got in from a 12 hr night shift :)

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