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Hi everyone, thought I would introduce myself.

Dave, 25, from Mansfield, Nottinghamshire.

I am going to be advertising on the site soon, once the guys have sorted things their end.

I am a retailer of the MotoComm DSR1003G which for those who dont know is a new Motorcycle camera system that can be attached to helmets, handlebars and fairing.

* Comes complete with various mounts that you can fix to the outside/inside of your car

* Accepts SD Cards - A 4GB SD Card = approx. 8 Hours of Video/Audio Recording (SD Card Not Included)

* Weatherproof Camera & Connections

* Records Video and Audio from Camera and Remote-Mount Microphone

* Colour LCD and built in speaker for instant play back

* Can also be used as an active rear view camera system

* USB connection allowing video to PC transfers

* Direct connection for TV play back

* All cables and accessories included in a convenient carry case

I am available most days to answer any questions you may have about the system and you will also notice our banner popping up soon.





HandleBar Mount



Fairing Mount



Helmet Mount



Whats in the box



The Recording Unit & Bullet Camera

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I would really like to get one of these, instead of potentially using something not designed for the job which takes your attention away from riding. Only problem is its quite expensive... £279... :(

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Although expensive, when you look at what you are getting and the benefits and fun you can get from these, they are not too bad at all. MP4 players and good quality camera's ain't cheap.

If you get one of these you can spend time evaluating your own riding by watching it back after.

Plus if you go out for a ride one day and have someone pull out on you, or knock you off, it could prove invaluable evidence to get a claim sorted..... It could also be your downfall!!! :lol: :lol:

All being well I will be sorting myself out with one before summer next year. Can't wait for it myself!!

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If you type 'Motocomm' into Youtube there's a load of videos from people using these cameras. Albeit older models, the sound quality doesn't sound too good though....


sound quality never is great from even the best of these

also dont forget they have to be edited and done at a low quality for youtube :?

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i WANT one!! in all honesty i think the price is ok! not yet though...gotta wait for the wage packet after next :lol: will we be able to purchase through the site? any discount for being a member here? hey someone had to ask :wink:

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