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Bikie dead


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I last rode it last wednesday, it was fine just put it away there wasnt any outward siigns of any problems and hasnt moved since and now when you put the key in theres nothing no electrics.

Have checked the battery and it sparks, all fuses checked and intact no obvious wires broken so thats as far as I can go so any suggestions?

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sounds like the emergency shut off switch... could've been knocked into the 'off' position by accident...

I'm sure you checked that though... could be a tad corroded inside... spray some WD40 into the switch and turn on& off & on & off & on & off & on a few times...

And try again.

sounds like it's gotta be simple though m8

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What with the cold weather I'd be inclined to suggest the battery is at fault m8.

I know you said it sparks, but it could still spark even if it was weak. And if it has dropped to a level that initialise the immobiliser......

You got any way of checking the battery strength? You could always syick it on a charge overnight and see if that helps?

If it's had it though it'll need replacing obviously.

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alarm could have gone into sleep mode to save battery

battery could be too flat to power the bike

yes it might spark but doesnt mean you have enough power

have you got a set of jump leads ? connect it to your car and try it but DO NOT START THE CAR this will rule out the battery :)

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Its my secret santa gift to you Tecno.

A week off the bike in the cold weather.

Not sure mate

check all fuses plus the 30amp one

Kill switch You've Done

Tilt sensor has fallen out of place

Batt voltage is low, enough to do the dials but not start the bike

Faulty starter relay

Good luck with it mate i hate Electrics

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Had the battery checked last night its fine..kicking out 13v :?

Had missed the 30 amp fuse surprise surprise its fine :?

Have no idea what a battery relay is!

Think I will put it all back together flick a huge v sign at it and let the pro's sort it when I get chance!

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Guest Mr Miller


It’s obvious, to all but the dullards on here, that it has simply run out of diesel! :roll:

I guess they call you Techno because of your love for gadgetry and pumping dance music!


Hope ya get it fixed soon, big fella!

All the best!


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ochams razor;

the battery is ok.

its nothing to do with fueling as it doesnt even turn the motor.

possibly damaged wiring but the kicker is the fact it has an alarm.

so the alarm is the obvious choice. Start there, did you have it fitted locally....id take it to them or ask them to have a look at it....unless you are very good with electrics and alarms...your fubared!

what alarm is it?

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how did they check battery? what with?

just cos it reads 13v on a volt meter it doesn't mean it's ok.

needs to be tested under load!



Need to get a drop tester on it.

Have you tried the earlier suggestion of linking jump leads? Would surely determine if it was battery related....

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