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CBR600F won't start


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Hey all,

My bike's been sitting idle for about a month or so as I haven't had the time to ride it. I tried to start it up today and it won't start. (I should probably mention I know nothing about the mechanical side. :lol: )

Put key in, turn it on. All the dash lights come on as did the headlight and rear light (which I've turned off now) If I press the electric start it tries to start but never does, just makes the starting noise. It's not starting then dying, doesn't get that far.

Any ideas? (Layman's terms encouraged. :lol: )

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fully charge your battery as you will need it

chances are its crap fuel in the lines if its been stood

turn the bike over and keep the button pressed for quite some time while messing with the choke on and off

some bikes hate crap fuel and the only way to start it is the way above

do not open the throttle as it will just weaken the mixture and not fire you will get good fuel through eventually

it will run crap when it does fire up but just keep it running till it warms up properly

if after doing the above and it still doesnt start you will probably have to remove the plugs and give them a good clean up before proding further in to it

also is your bike fuel injected or carbs ? if its carbs it could be a different story :?

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carbs coulb be gummed up causing no fuel to get through

Akey usually recomends wynns carb cleaner as he has used it with good results i dont think you dont need to remove the carbs :?

i would try my sugestion if no joy its time to strip the carbs for a good clean

usually the float valves jam shut letting no fuel through :)

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if you want :lol: :lol:

it does sound as if its just crappy fuel and if its trying to fire it should eventually :)

ive known some bikes to almost kill the battery doing this but they evntually start

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