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RS125 Cold-Start

Guest MNO

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No biggy for me to be honest but just checking.

In this pretty cold weather, starting my bike can be a pain, full choke, it takes a couple goes, pressing the starter you'll hear the engine just on the verge of running, and after about 4 or 5 goes, with a tiny bit of throttle, I'll be able to get it started.

This a sign of anything? Or any ways to improve it?

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Yea, think I need to up the idle speed aswell, once it gets going it cuts out unless I hold the throttle on slightly until 40ish degrees.

Idles just over 1k, probably better off at 1.5/2 I guess.

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mine when hot idles at 2000 but i know when cold i can start the bike with no choke sometimes.


Unless that's specified somewhere, that sounds a bit high to me?


I think I read idle speed should be around 1.5/2k. Imo at 2k it sounds a bit much but it can't hurt.

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keeps it alive my bike doesnt like a 1.5 idle to much and i personly like it there as when i ride late at night i can idle in 6th @ 30mph keep noise down


id try not to idle a two stroke as they tend to choke up.

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