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weekend of the 10th and 11th

Guest TimR

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Ok folks will be heading to the ace tomorrow and aiming to get there for around 12 ...... ( going to take a slow bimble over )

and then not sure after that But am aiming to go further south On the Sunday will post more as i know ..........

anyone about ?

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slight amendment will be at ace more likely at 1 (may still get there earlier but 1 @ latest)

Paul will be coming from West london possibly bit further south on sunday was thinking of popping into boxhill/ryka's first then bimble down coastwards

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grrrrrrrr due to a memory like seive i forgot i had to do something this morning ...so am only just leaving ......will be there around 3pm now :( hope not messed anyone up see ya laters

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right am going to be at Ryka's / boxhill at 10.30 am tomorrow (Sunday ) will be there for about an hour then i will be heading southwards (possible brighton) ..if you want to meet up somewhere my number is in contacts text me and will see what can do .....


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Ok. I will let you know tomorrow morning what the plan is.

You should have a look at Bury Hill. That is just north of Arundel, if you head straight down from Boxhill you should find it. Could meet you there maybe, will let you know tomorrow.

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Cheers Paul got in about twenty minutes ago .... i must say that tonight is the first time i was worried even as far to say scared to be on a bike .......The wind was bad enough coming over the plains but watching cars get blown across the lanes of the Severn Bridge approach and on the bridge made me feel like getting off and pushing it across ..... and it stuck with me all the way back branches and debris everywhere ......

Anyway Had a great bimble Ace,Ryka's/boxhill, And then down to Brighton and met Up with Ducati Paul great to put a face to the name and thanks for coming out ......ended up following those two police bikes along the front :D then a good ride up across the plains to the M4 and then it went down hill ( see above) ..

Paul thinking of trading his duc in


and i must add that my view of what Pauls Bike looked like was nothing like what it actually looks like and in the flesh it is a gorgeous looking bike ( well apart from the front fairing/headlamp area) and i cant believ that i didnt get a picture of the Early Goldwing that was on the seafront :(

Bike well is somewhat caked if your of a somewhat delicate nature or your name is Korben LOOK AWAY NOW >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>



these were taken this morning ..trust me you dont want to see if now lol






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