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Complete Electrical Failure

Guest Mikey Boy

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Hi Guys

I have a small problem that I would like some help on if you guys are available.

I have a Gilera Cougar 125 and a few days ago while dlow manouvering through a car park in first gear all he electrics went kaput and the bike cut out, engin, lights, everything electrical.

So Far i've taken off the battery and checked it with my Optimate and it's fine and fully charged i reconected and turned the key and still nothing not even the lights came on. then i thought it may be the fuses and i checked them they look fine visually but they are quite old ( i dont know how old) and corroded so my next port of call will be to get a new set of fuses and try that.

If it is not the fuses what else could it be thats would cause total electrical failure. i know it must be a broken circuit but in what system as only a few would short the whole bike.

I hope you guys can help me.


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if its the contacts of the fuses that are corroded you can almost guarantee the fact that the fuse holderscontacts are the same so good clean of these will be required ( disconnect battery and gently with a fine wire brush or similar clean them up )

then try .....

could possibly be ign switch itself if you know what you are doing and have access to a test lamp/multimeter you can check to see if power is present to the switch and then after .....

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I forgot to mention I can Bump start it and as far as i can tel most of the electrics work (I assume being powered by the alternator) but they lights are dim.

i dont know if this makes a difference.

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Either the main fuse (most likely), the regulator gone open circuit (possible) or the return lead to the battery (from the frame earth point) is broken/disconnected (improbable but can happen).

If battery is showing charged up, then it cannot be a 'short' if the bike will bump start and run (on the alternator).

Are you sure you have checked all the fuses?

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I've identified it as possibly a problem with the electrics at the ignition switch because it is rather temprementle and worse occasionally and other times does not. i asssume it is a short circuit.

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