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The bike wont start, its not sucking fuel into the carbs, when i turn it over i can see the clear fuel filter trying to vacuum fuel through without any joy.. also there is a small amount of water in the bottom of my airbox.. any ideas


Okay the carbs dont suck fuel in, the engine draws the vapour in, and the jets in the carbs spray fuel into the air creating an air/fuel mix.

water in your airbox,? how much? dry it out, make sure the filter is dry, as a wet one won't let air pass through it easily..

have you taken the tank off and got the hoses mixed up? is the fuel filter blocked? have you turned the fuel tap on?

if water is collecting in the airbox, have a look for some little drain holes and clear them with a piece of wire..

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The water is only a small amount

Ive got the pipes connected correctly

Ive cleaned out the fuel filter thing, its not that as you can see its trying to suck fuelfrom the tanks when i turn it over

the filter is dry (is that the foam filter in the airbox?)

i have tryed the fuel tap in every position

your assistance is much appreciated


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