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Summer jacket/pants

Guest rick

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I know that assuming we're going to have a summer is a little optimistic... but you have to be positive!

Anyway I am looking for some summer gear, a more lightweight jacket and pants combo, preferably textile and not too expensive. I already have a good quality HG GTX combo that is excellent, so have been thinking of this (also its on sale :))

Anyone have it, or recommend something else in a similar price range?

http://www.hein-gericke.co.uk/shop/prod ... ts_id/5420

http://www.hein-gericke.co.uk/shop/prod ... ts_id/5427

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Personally speaking, I find HG stuff excellent all year. I just remove the thermals during the summer and open the vents... Mind you last summer was poo :D So i might be thinking differently in warmer (than last year) weather!!!

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Yeah, I wear leathers all summer. It ain't too bad. Once you are moving it's ok. When you stop off somewhere, get your jacket off and you won't suffer too bad.

Leg's get a bit warm, but not too bad.

Saying that I am looking at getting some Alpinestar textiles this year.... :roll:

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this'll be my first summer with a leather jacket, I'm gonna try and get out on some hotter days, thermal lining out, vents open, before the main summer, and judge if I should pick up a textile jacket.

Need to get me some new trousers soon whatever happens, mine are looking pretty nackered.

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So anyway I ordered the gear and it arrived today... I ordered one size smaller 'cos my other HG gear is a little large... but I didn't consider the fact that the summer gear is a "sportier" (read: tighter) fit... but its snug and the missus says it looks good so thats enough for me (plus I should loose a stone anyway...)!

Its really nice, nicely made, good quality, good armour and nice quality leather. I also couldnt resist and bought the Alpinestars SMX-4 boots that also were on offer... al I can say is WOW! Compared to my previous Nitro boots (cheap, but have served me well) they are bullet proof!

Roll on summer :)

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