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speedo not working

Guest Bradderz

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hi, i have a yamaha sr125 '97 and my speedo isn't working. so i know what the probleem is, but i'm not sure what the part is called so i can't really find a partt foor it. i'll try and explain it. it is the little metal bit which is next to the bearings and doesn't move on the wheel and when the wheel spins, the bit of metal spins the speedo drive round. the metal bit is snaped off. and i just need to know what the part is called so i can search fo it and buy it, or does annyone know where i can find it online. last time it snapped i had to buy a new wheel just for the littlist part.

thanks for the help

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you have speedo drive, which fits like a spacer when putting the wheel on, and locates in the wheel and transfers the forward motion into an upward motion for the speedo cable, the cable is the next in line as this transfers the spinning flat blade into a spinning cable up to the clocks, then there's the clock itself, so i guess you are after the DRIVE, theres a few on evil bay, with pics, but you'll need to remove the front wheel and support the bike doing so..

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