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Desperate help with my gear box


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Hi all

ok this is complicated so ill do my best to explain it, :)

I have a honda cbf600 and today its had a problem with shifting gears when im in say 2nd gear and i try to change to 3rd i pull up on the leaver and it stays in 2nd, i have to slow right down and pull the leaver out and let the clutch out slowly and then it'll go to third, it happens bettween all gears butt 2nd to 3rd is the worst

secondly when im in first and i push down it used to stop ie not move down at all but now it moves down as if it was selecting a gear BELOW first although it stays in 1st, this happens again in 6th gear if i pull up it feels live its going up a gear although im already in top gear, but still stays in 6th,

now the rod wich the selector peddle connects to as some sidward play in it abut 1 to 2 mill (in and out of the gear box) if i pull it out as far as i can the problem dissapers, but as soon as i push or it vibrates its way back in it come back.

Whats going on ith my bike lol, is it easy to fix, and whats the likely cause, can i do it (resnably compitant diy mechanic have dismantled 125 and 250 gear boxes befor with secess) its onli doen about 11k

cheers guys!!!1

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undo the nut that holds the selector onto the splines, clean the splines and inside of the other end and refit, making sure it pinches tight, sounds like it isn't tight enough which is causing the free play.. while you at it, you may as well remove the sprocket cover and clean behind it, there been some posts on here about the crud behind affecting gear changes..

when you refit it make sure that it is tight, and that it is in alignment for your gear changing, they can be adjusted slightly by winding the link bar in or out after loosening the locknuts


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is it still under warranty? take it to a honda mech to have a look, i cannot find any posts to say this is a coomon problem, so could be something simple like a missing/broken circlip, but a mech will be best to have a look..


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