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bike cutting out


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Bikes been running fine then yesterday it cut out as i was pulling away twice (once on a busy roundabout). The bike was idling fine at the stop as i released the clutch the bike stayed at 3000rpm bogging down i opened the throttle to try to power through then it just died down. Paddled to the inside of the r/bout and the bike started fine so i set of again ( thought maybe i had left me foot on back brake or summit stoopid), bike running well again for a couple more miles then did it again, went out for a ride about 7 miles this morning erverything was fine just went to take it out now and it died twice in a rowon me street. Only way i could get it running was get revs upto about 7 or 8 thou and drop the clutch

Any ideas anyone.

bikes an NSR 125 2 stroke

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