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Replacing CG125 Fork Seals


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2 ways, the long way and the quick way

the quick way...

put bike on centre stand or paddock stand then jack up the front and support the frame rails on axle stands or thick blocks of wood. ensure bike is supported with front wheel in the air..

remove speedo cable from drive, undo brake caliper and srpport, don't allow to hang..

remove wheel

remove mudguard,

loosen fork top bolt

remove fork one at a time

prise up dust cover and circlip inside leg.

compress leg, old seal should slide up leg. let leg extend and then remove seal,

slide new seal over top of leg, down into leg,

get tubing (B&Q plastic plumbers tube usually is a good fit)

and push home then replace circlip and dustcover

take off fork top bolt (it's easier if youve loosened the top bolt whilst clamped in the yolk), remove spring and drain out oil. stand upside down to drain oil.

refill as per manual

do next leg.

refit legs, in reverse of above..

long way

as above but drop forks, remove springs and oil, undo bolt on inside of leg take leg appart and slide seal up from the bottom, see haynes manual

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