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CB500 Steering Lock


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... Just stopped working today (yet another problem with this bike :evil: )

I got to work, and found i couldn't lock the steering lock (the key would push in as normal, but wouldn't turn). The spare key didn't want to work either. The keys work fine to switch the engine on etc, it just won't engage the steering lock. After fiddling for 5 I left it and came back later, and found that by positioning the bars not quite at full lock, i was able to lock it. Having got home however, i found after lots of attempts that nothing i could do would lock this damn steering lock!

I've recently sprayed inside the ignitional barrel with WD40.

What's happened?

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some can be a pain in the arse to get right before the lock will engage

the only advise i can give is to turn the bars to full lock and while trying to engage the lock move the bars back and forth till it locks

i had to do this with one of my bikes all the time

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My bikes a right pain to get the steering lock to engage. With mine, you can push the key too far in and it wont let you lock it. Maybe if you try turningg the key whilst puching it in from the top slowly. That's what i have to do with mine!

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