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do i need leathers as well??

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Hi all, have just very excitedly posted on bikes about picking up my first bike tomorrow (Honda CBF600).

I sorted out all my kit last year at the B'ham Bike Show, and got an Arai helmet, Lovely Spidi textile jacket (bit longer than waist length) with back protector, Dianese Goretex textile trousers, and some Alpinestars Goretex boots.

The reason i got the Gucci waterproof kit is because the bike will be my only transport, and a daily commuter. Its also intended for national and eventually international touring with my friend/s.

For some reason, i've suddenly started panicking that my kit isn't going to be great all year round. I'm fully aware of the good and bad points of Goretex as i love the outdoors and have lots of Goretex kit, and i'm thinking that as soon as the weather goes dry/warm, my textiles are going to be a bit OTT. I'm particularly worried about the boots, which i'm very happy with, but think they will get superwarm, and as they are designed as a waterproof tourer, don't have any exterior protection.

I know that generally leathers will offer me greater protection in an off, but for longer journeys / touring, which will be better all round?

I even bunked off work for an hour and went trying on 2 piece leathers today, which was great fun. Not sure whether it was a good thing or not, but i just didn't find any that felt quite right (only had Richa and Alpinestars there), so i came away empty handed.

Do experienced riders who have similar riding requirements have any thoughts? Should i treat myself as a one off and get some leathers and better boots for good weather, or am i worrying over nothing, and be happy with what i have (yes, both jacket and trousers have removable thermal liner).

Any thoughts very appreciated.


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Guest philgale

doesnt your textile gear have a liner than can come out, i know my textile jacket i wear in winter and its really warm. but have a liner than comes out to make it much much cooler in summer.

i do wear leathers most of the time, but leathers are a bit stuffy in summer, you can get some other textiles with more vents etc may be a better idea if yours dont already offer that

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All kit is slightly different and without looking at the kit in question I would not wish to advise you. Have a look at your kit and see if it has any vents in it, and as phil says look to see if the liner can be removed.

However what I would say is that wait till the summer comes in and then asses how your kit performs rather than worry about it now.

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Yes best to hold on unless you really want some leathers most textile kit will be ok all year round, I wear a textile jacket with leather trousers when it may rain or in the winter then I have vented leather jacket for the summer to go with the trousers.

If your looking for cheap quality stuff tho try hein gerickes own brand as you can mix and match!

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as said all kit is different

my scenario was that i had akito textiles and had removable liner in jacket and vents and that was fine wet/dry/warm/cold

Trousers did not have a removable liner which was fine as long as you were not in a warm envoiroment ( shop/cafe etc) for any long period f time as you did start to get a bit warm then

Boots i used to have akito tourer boots but when i got the zzr i took the view that they were now not suitable and i went for a set of frank thomas aqua /sport/tourer boots and no issues there and yes i also now own leathers for the warmer days but still wear textiles as well if the weather gets pants .....

gloves i used to have a set of summer glves but found any rain and hands got wet now got set of richa waterproof gloves that are lightweight but waterproof and block the wind effectively

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I would comment but I wear robust jeans which apparently is frowned upon around here

how things have changed since I was a wee lad

I did send off for and received the Hood Jeans catalogue and samples though

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Its often said, leather for summer, textile for winter. However my old leather kit was good for both. Heavy duty, no vents and well made. I now have a textile jacket for winter and this works well but come the spring/summer the bulk of the textile jacket will be ditched for the flexibility of my leather jacket.

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I have leathers, but never wear the jacket, prefering Goretex. However I favour Leather pants in even winter with a pair of lightweight waterproof over pants if it is really wet.

Up to you really, protection is a non issue - if leather is better then why wear g-tex in winter when there is probably more chance of sliding off through the conditions? :lol:

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Wouldn't worry about your boots being too hot though, i've never had that atall.

My old textile jacket used to get pretty hot in the summer, but only if i was sitting in traffic, which i avoided like the plague. Anything above 15mph is enough air flow to keep you cool, in this country anyway.

Haven't had the leather jacket long enough to ride through summer, but it's got some big ol' air vents on it, and the thermal lining comes out so i'm hoping it won't be too bad. If it is i'm going to buy a textile jacket.

As said by others, Hein Gericke ftw :thumb:

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