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Meet in Midhurst on Sat 1 Sept

Guest Wow

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There'a pubmeet in Midhurst on Sat 1 Sept. Pub the Half Moon Inn, on the A272. Probably meeting around mid-day as we can have some food as well.


Lots of parking.

We could possibly go on a little ride-out and stop for tea at Bury Hill.

People who have said who could make it are: mel (&amanda), borile, gweev & wow.

Other people interested are: Justarider and Jason (?=j_ase?), and yorbandit (maybe?)

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Will try and drop in as the half moon is just down the hill from me, but I might be working that day so probably just fly down, take some pics to keep admin happy and have them posted before you guys get back from your ride out if thats cool with you.


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I've put the date in my diary, good news is that i've passed my test this morning and also my gf is away that weekend so no restrictions on what i can do.

Bad news is no bike as can't afford one, but might try and hire one for the weekend so i can get out and meet everyone. Put me down as a possible


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You all swapped mobile numbers n stuff.......too many times in the past people have turned up at meets, and not been able to find each other.

Looks a good turnout for you all......bring back some pics n have a safe ride xx

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looks like a good amount of people, ill hopefully be on the new toy :D so ill more than likely be still bouncing :P


What have you bought? A pogo stick? :D


maybe :oops:

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How sophisticated this 'registering' for the ride-out. Might bring 1 or 2 people along. Am on hols in Holland and have just bought a textile jacket so am prepared for a bit of rain as well but let's hope it's a nice day. I need to read vicki's 'how to' post to find out where we put our mobile numbers nearer the time.

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