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Backmarker Racing UK - First Race Weekend Report!!

Saturday 28th February – TESTING

It was a long day all in all; we had an early start to ensure we could get a power point for the tyre warmers! After a Mallory Park breakfast and a spritz of Mr Sheen, Martyn was ready to go!

All in all, the track day was a successful day and the final tests of the bike went well! Martyn had changed the front sprocket from his previous visit to the track and was now running 14-43, this set up seemed to work well, so now it was all down to adapting the riding to get the best times we could!

Suggestions were made by Les, who was out on track with Martyn, to accelerate faster and brake later in places, and shift his bum towards the rear of the seat to improve his positioning… But putting these ideas into practice is much easier said than done!

Times were taken and we found Martyn to be consistent with 1:01’s – which was quite impressive for the ten year old standard R1!! We knew there would be faster bikes on the race day, but this was the best we could achieve for now – and it was more than good enough!

Martyn’s riding was looking good; we were pleased with the set up and the times, so we were ready to race…

Sunday 1st March – RACE DAY

Needless to say, Martyn was a little eager when we arrived at Mallory Park on race day!

The Backmarker Racing UK team were all together: Martyn, Dan, Viks and Anni. We also had the company of Woody and Jon in the paddock for help and assistance! Woody was in a couple of races with Martyn so it was good for them to discuss the race together, seen as the rest of us were just spectators to the field battles!

Overall, race day went very well too! We could see from each race that the top runners were pretty much in a league of their own with the best bikes and times to reflect this.

Throughout the day we created wish lists and things we’d love to get for the bike to enable Martyn to break the 1 minute time, so we are now dreaming of new suspension to get the set up perfect for the track, and maybe a set or two of those great Bridgestone tyres!

To complete the race report, here’s Martyn’s write up of race day, who better to tell you about the day than the team rider himself…

“Race Report - Sunday 1st March 2009

Waking up at 5:30 to dry weather was our first smile to the day. In amongst the anxious nervous and excited feelings.

The bike and equipment was already at Mallory from the previous days testing, so it was a small case of getting dressed, jumping in the car and driving to the circuit.

Upon arrival at the circuit, there were bikes already in the scrutineering bay and the paddock had seemed to completely fill up over night.

We made our way to the van where woody was there making himself at home.

We got the bike out of the van and everything else and made a cup of tea. It always helps calm the nerves. I wasn’t really nervous at this point. I was more worried about the signing on and scrutineering process than racing.

We got the bike to scrutineering and signed on. Signing on was when I realised, “I’m actually going to do this!”

My practice was the last one of the morning at 10:54 and as they’d had riders drop out of the Buildbase race, I was informed I was in that too.

I looked through the programme and wrote my race numbers down. I was in Race 4, 10, 12, 15 and 18.

Those numbers will probably stick in my mind forever as I kept them going through my head so I wouldn't forget and miss my race I went out to practice and set a PB time of 1.00.919 which was a huge step in the right direction. This qualified us in 29th overall, which wasn’t too bad!

My first race, The Buildbase cup. This race is the big one which has a prize money of £400 for the winner.

The front runners of this race were doing 54 and 55 second laps, so I didn't expect to come anywhere close to wining!

As I was originally a reserve, I started from the back of the grid. I got an ok start and passed a few people going into Gerard's. The race was great and I finished in 28th place with a best time of 1.01.788.

Race 2 was the 175-1300 open class. I started from 18th on the grid. I didn’t get a very good start and got passed going into Gerards. I kept my head down and rode a much better race, feeling more confident after getting the first out of the way. I finished 19th which was a respectable finish, with a Best time of 1.00.486.

Race 3 was again the Buildbase race. Another race with the big boys. This was over 10 laps instead of the original 6! I didn’t get a bad start and again kept my head down and just rode as well as I could. The most important part being, finishing the race. I came home in 26th place, which was a better result than the first race, and with a best time of 1.00.323 so still getting quicker!

Race 4 was again in the 175-1300 open class. I started from 15th on the grid and got a decent start. I rode well and finished the race in 15th place. Yet another improvement from the first open race, my best time was 1.00.703 so keeping well with the consist ant 1.00’s

Race 5 was my final race, and came with some surprises. During the sighting lap, there was a very large accident involving 2 riders. This caused the race to be delayed by approximate 30 minutes. I had to rush off to change my visor as the sun was going down and visibility was poor.

Once the track had been cleared we were given 2 warm up laps due to cold tyres. My slick tyres were very slippery cold and I tried to warm them up as well as I could.

On the race start I got a great start throwing me straight into 3rd place. My tyres were still a bit cold and I could feel them moving around beneath me. After the first lap they were starting to heat up and I had a lot more grip. During this lap the front 2 had managed to pull a second on me and 4th place.

Flying up towards Edwina's for the second time I saw 4th place on his 2008 fireblade come past me. I decided I wasn’t having that so left my braking very late and went underneath him coming out into the esses. That was the last I saw of him. I kept me head down and rode toward the leading 2. I was keeping a steady gap but I wasn’t closing in.

I saw the last lap flag come out and just knew I had to keep my head down. I did everything as normal and came over the line in 3rd place. What a great result for the first novice race of the year, and a great way to end the weekend.

I’d like to give a huge thank you to everyone who’s helped make all this possible.

See you in April!!”

We hope you can join us for the next EMRA race meeting at Mallory Park on 12th April to support Martyn and cheer him on!

If you want to help Backmarker Racing UK in anyway, please come and look at the website at http://www.backmarker.co.uk where you’ll find contact details and sponsorship information, or feel free to PM me with any questions!

Thanks to TMBF for the support and sponsorship in the way of much needed race fuel!

Here’s a few photographs from the day…

http://i178.photobucket.com/albums/w272/annityler/BackmarkerRacingUK/th_IMG_0094e.jpg http://i178.photobucket.com/albums/w272/annityler/BackmarkerRacingUK/th_IMG_0259e.jpg http://i178.photobucket.com/albums/w272/annityler/BackmarkerRacingUK/th_IMG_0135e.jpg http://i178.photobucket.com/albums/w272/annityler/BackmarkerRacingUK/th_IMG_0268e.jpg http://i178.photobucket.com/albums/w272/annityler/BackmarkerRacingUK/th_IMG_0092e.jpg http://i178.photobucket.com/albums/w272/annityler/BackmarkerRacingUK/th_IMG_0062e.jpg

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Great report Anni :) and congratulations to Martyn (MrMarv) on a 3rd place... amazing!! :mrgreen:

Sponsorship of fuel... hmmmm yeh.... cheques in the post :P

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Guest philgale

thought i seen that bike before....sorry i cut top half of his head off :lol:


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See out web addy on it, on tail unit yay!! :mrgreen:

Anni... nice pic its moohasive!!! Wonder if u cud do the same with me against really tall people :)

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How about this one for advertising.... :wink:


I'll give it a go Vicki, then we'll switch places and make me look tall too :D

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