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Brake Lever required.


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Hi, I am in need of a new brake lever for my Suzuki GZ 125 maruader and wondered if anyone on here had a spare lying around. Apparently and according to a seller on ebay any of the bikes below have brake levers that fit my bike so was wondering if anyone had a spare one lying around in their garage.

GZ 125 X/Y 98-00

GZ 125 K1/K2 01/02

RG 125 UN 92-94

RG 125 F-UN/UP/UR 92-95

TU 125 X 99

RGV 250 K/L 89-90

RGV 250 M/N/P/R/T 91-96

TU 250 XV/XW 97-99

GSF 400 M/P/R/S 91-95

GS 500 EL/EM/EN/EP 90-93

GS 500 ER/ES 94-95

GS 500 ET/EV/EW/EX 96-99

GS 500 EY 00-01

GSF 600 S/T/V/W/X 95-99

GSF 600 ST/SV/SW/SX 96-99

GSX 600 FK/FL/FM 89=91

GSX 600 FN/FP 91-93

GSX 600 FR/FS/FT/FV 94-97

GSX 600 FW/FX 98-99

GSX 600 F K1/K3 00-04

GSX-R 600 RV/RW/RX/RY 96-00

RF 600 RP/RR/RS 93-95

RF 600 RT/RV 96-98

GSX 750 FK/FL/FM/FN/FP 89-93

GSX 750 FR/FS/FT 94-97

GSX 750 FW/FX 98-99

GSX 750 FK1 00-02

GSX 750 W/X 98-99

GSX 750 K1/K3 00-04

GSX R 750 L/M 90-91

GSX R 750 WN/WP 92-93

GSX R 750 WR/WS 94-95

GSX R 750 WT/WV 96-97

GSX R 750 RK 89-91

VX 800L/M/N/R/T 90-96

VZ 800 V/W 97-99

VZ 800 K1 00-02

RF 900 RR/RS/RT/RV/RW 94-99

RF 900 RS2 95

TL 1000 SV/SW/SX 97-99

TL 1000 S-Y 00-02

GSX 1100 GN 92-94

GSX R 1100 K 90

GSX R 1100 L 91-93

GSX R 1100 M/N 92-93

GSX R 1100 WP/WR 93-94

GSX R 1100 WS/WT 95-96

GSF 1200 T/V/W/X 96-99

GSF 1200 ST/SV/SW/SX 96-99

VL 1500 LC-W 98-99

VL 1500 LC-X 00-02

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i have a spare clutch, but not brake,

however, as a tip.. remove the brake switch before removing the lever.

and if the ball has broken off, but the lever is still useable (just not MOT OK) then keep, as a get you home spare under the seat.. rather than binning it..

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Check out my thread on replacing the brake lever on my Suzuki GS 500 E - scroll down for the eventual resolution.

I bought a lever from e-bay and it didn't quite fit. It might have been that the lever I broke wasn't standard, but either way double check what you are going to get matches up.

p.s. I still have the extra one I bought, so if you think it will fit, we could do a deal...

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