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Frimley Thursday nights

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Every thursday a new motorbike meet is happening,At frimley community centre(nr camberley/farnborough) The lady responsible posted a flyer at many motorcycle shops in the area but was a no show last night :lol:

She is responsible for the stormy petrol meet in shropshire


The community centre is opposite the johnsons wax factory and has a bar, garden and large car park, hoping to get a few people down as they want to start some fund raisers and put the place on the map.

The post code is GU16 5AR but is wrong on google maps :?:

Anyway, i'll be there very thursday be good to get a few more people down?

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Hey Ade, I'm down that way quite often with the missus being from camberley so if I'm about on a Thursday I'll certainly let you know.

Will be moving to Egham I think towards the end of the year so could make it a regular thing then.

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possibly then :lol:

well last night me and my mate popped down the lady who organised it with the community centre said its really down to us to spread the word, if it kicks off we'll kind of be in charge :? help, so i'm thinking of popping to newlands corner this weekend to have a word?

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are these meets still on and if so what the timings..im only down the road at odiham so be a nice ride out and somewhere different than alton..at newlands most sundays if the wife allows me out to play lol

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I don't think anyones meets there anymore. I know Ade who was organising had a few things come up and haven't seen him around on here in a while.

I'm not really up for doing anything midweek anymore as it just takes too long for me to get back from London after work but keep an eye out in here for stuff going on on the weekends. I'm sure there'll be more rides coming up and if not, suggest one!

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