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Sunday April 5th Hunstanton is ON

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Getting in early but Darren (Roadrunner) and I will probably being going to Hunstanton for a rideout, Clocks will be back by an hour then :) so depart Ely at Witchford roundabout BP Garage 10am, can go via Chatteris (BP garage) 10:20am then A47 to Lynn onto Hunny for Fish and Chips, ALL WELCOME to tag along :)

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All we need now is Ash to get his name down :D

Have got a reply from Darren so route will be:

Meet Witchford BP garage 9:45am for 10am Jive, Darren

A142 to Chatteris meet BP Garage 10:20am

A141 to Guyhirn A47 to Wisbech 10:45am (pick up point David?)

A47 to King's Lynn A149 Hunstanton arrive approx 11:45

I remember David saying last year he had a good route to Hunny down the backroads? may be take that way?

Curry sauce & chips on Nman LOL

This is all subject to the lovely British Weather of course 8-)

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Come on you peeps, lets try and make this a biggy. Gubba, Holiday675, GOG, and any other round these here parts.

Not wanting to nick your ride out Jive but shall I stick a poster up in my local shop. Did it last year and managed to get a few Brampton bikers out.

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Just realised folks, may be a bit of a problem for me. The previous day is Grand National day and I do a chilli in my local. The pub is open most of the afternoon and consequently large intake of beer is had. If my heads up to it the next morning I`ll join you, but I`ll wait and see on the day.

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Sorry! Can't make it folks, I got a phonecall today asking if my advanced rider course could be moved to that weekend and if I don't change the weekend then I don't get a certificate :(

Bad times. Bit gutted because I was really looking forward to this.

Still the summer to come though :D and hopefully I'll be a better rider after the course.

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