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2006 CBR125R - Clutch problem?

Guest TrumpBoy

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Hi, I'm totally new to bikes. Passed my CBT several weeks ago, riding a 2006 CBR125R, no problems lately.. till last week, when I geared from 2nd to 3rd (is that mean gear up? whatever dudes) the rev s got mad, I mean, the rev gone wild, 11rpm for like 5 or so seconds, then I lower the throttle a bit, the rev back to normal (est. 6rpm or so) .. then its happened about 10 times last week, then today, its happened twice as I've just rided about 10 miles today. So its sorta of worrying me, so whats the problem about it? Something to do with the clutch? For your info, the mileage of my bike is about 8500.

Please help.

Thanks, Jase.

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could just be your not releasing the throttle enough when using the clutch and when you pull the clutch in the revs your using to move the bike are momentarily doing nothing ...

it could just be getting used to riding thats all

with the milage i doubt it would be clutch slip unless it is tensioned/adjusted too much check with manual on freeplay needed on the lever ( normally about 2-3mm of slack cable )

put front wheel against wall and engage first and let clutch out slowly and apply revs ( takes a bit of balancing with one foot on ground) and see if the bike stalls ......if it doesnt and revs up then i would suspect clutch then try it in higher gears and see if it slipps then

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As Tim said, you wanna shut the throttle right down when you pull the clutch in, otherwise it will scream because the engine's got no work to do.

1)Clutch in, Revs off

2)Up a gear

3)Clutch out revs on.

It's all a feel for it thing, you'll get it in the end.

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