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lost Vacuum take off plug


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Damnit, I've lost the plug off one of my take off's off my carbs (when trying (and failing) to balance them)

I presume that I can't run it without one? I think thats whats totally cocked up my balancing too...

It does actually run without it but I presume i can't just leave it?

Think i'm going to have to take the plunge and get a propper carb balance gauge (mines just a single carb at a time jobby)

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ideally you need a twin gauge one minimum :?

as on some bikes the adjusting screws can alter 2 carbs at once

and yes you must have it plugged

if you have a bit of vac hose use a short piece and stick a screw in one end and the other on the carb and there you have a temp fix till you get a new plug :)

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I've ordered one now! bloody fiver for 10! if anyone needs one send me an email and i'll post you one :D

its such a pain getting to that screw, if i move the tank side saddle it just cuts out after a bit, this has been an utter NIGHTMARE! remind me not to pretend i know what i'm doing next time lol.

wish i knew where the old plug went (it was on the bike, then disappeared.... just imaginging it getting sucked in)

right - time to order a descent gauge............

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thats the same as what i have they work ok not the best but still good

the pipes are adaptors you get different sizes

some bikes dont have the nipple on the carb they are screws in the inlets that you remove and replace with the pipes

what sort of size are these bungs ? :D i might be able to use one or two :wink:

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