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How to make CBR125R go faster?

Guest TrumpBoy

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My CBR's top speed's like 70ish mph. So anything you can do to increase the speed without spend any big bucks? Exhaust - minor improvement, but 250 quid, f-word that!.. So.. any other things, tuning perhaps?

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iv got a CBR125R carb kit here at home forsale by dynojet its called a stage 1 kit i never fitted it to mine. my mods where: micron GP system (baffleless) richer mixture, K&N filter, better chain ( O Ring), high octain fuel, good regular oil changes all made a diffrence from 70mph to upto a ton with my head on the tank and im 5,11 @ 15 stone :wink: by the way the 100mph was obtained on a dyno run unloaded but was possable but not with me on it. my Bike at one time had over 16BHP due to the mods and sprokets used.

Please note: all this will make your bike no longer learner legal as it will produce over the legal 14.6bhp and will also invalidate your insurance and licence if under L plate law.

i take no responsability for your actions if you make the bike no longer road legal.


anyway if you want the kit i paid £68 @ the NEC you can have it for £50 + postage costs ill even give you the dynojet stickers lol

http://www.dynojet.co.uk/jetkits/index.htm << Dynojet Stage explinations Stage 1 only for this bike stage 2 etc arnt made for cbr125r 04-07 model's

http://www.knfilters.com/search/product ... od=HA-1502 << K&N filter

http://www.micronexhausts.com/product-d ... ?autoid=38 << exhaust

http://www.halfords.com/webapp/wcs/stor ... yId_165507 << Oil

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