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Bandit idle


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Hi all..

My first big bike is a 2001 Bandit 600. Lovely piece of kit :-)

Starts and runs like a dream and could not fault it at all.

However, the idle is not even. Do I need to worry? It idles between 1100 and 1300 revs. Never cuts out, just sounds a little uneven. It's a 2001 model with 9k miles on it. I filled it with fresh petrol and gave it a good run. The idle is still very slightly uneven. Before now, it had stood for about 4 months. Need I worry??

Thank you.

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Guest philgale

i dont think you need to worry...

i know the bandit had an issue with the choke not closing properly....just make sure that the lever thingy is pushed all the way back

you can also alter the idle with a little knob on the left hand side (as you sit on bike)

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slaps phill and tells him to learn more :lol: :lol:

when was it last serviced ?

did it idle fine before it was laid up for a few months ?

it could be a jet or two gummed up from been stood they can clear once a bit of fuel goes through but usually need a clean out

or it could be the carbs are out of balance :)

both easy and cheap jobs :)

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sounds abou tright mate air pressures will vary and temps change compression etc, i wouldnt worry to much mate if its a really bad jump then the plugs could be fouled, the jets could be fouled, the air intake could be partialy blocked, the airfilter could need changeing, the piston rings could be warn, if its dual/tripple/quad coil system then a coil could be behind on the pulse genny, the cam timeing could be a tad out, sticky valve, bad valve clearance

need i go on?

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I wouldn't about it wondering that much if its only 50 to 100 revs, mine does the same and was better after some fuel system cleaner and a good thrash as it had been stored as well.

Mine idles at 1100 and always wonders until it's warmed up properly, and that means a good 10 mins before I set off otherwise the revs are all over the show.

It's a blessing in disguise not being able to jump on and ride straight away too as it give a chance for the oil to warm up and fully circulate around the engine.

Quick tip, don't rev the engine just before turning it off as it can leave a load of unburnt fuel in the carbs which can make starting it next time a pain, always let it idle for maybe 20 seconds or so and then turn it off, even longer if you want but that's not like as critical as if you had a turbo or anything.


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