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Sizing / Fitting a textile jacket

Guest Malthus101

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Hey folks

I have searched around the forums but found nothing specifically on how to size which jacket to buy.

I tried on a very nice Dainese Zentex Mesh Jacket today, size 38. I am a 38 suit and it fitted OK but it was quite tight and the sleeves were quite short (up above the wrist)

The guy in the shop said it was a good fit, that the gloves would come up and cover the wrists and that if I came off the bike, I would want as little twist to the jacket material as possible.

Would you all agree that this was correct? He seemed like he knew what he was talking about to me, I just felt like maybe I could have gone up a size but... What do I know? I'm new to all this!


Malthus101 (total noob)

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Hiya m8, Welcome to the forum! Pop into to Newbie section and introduce yourself :D

As for the jacket, it doesn't sound like a perfect fit to me. Especially as you say your wrists are exposed! You will need to try loads on til you find a perfect fit. Get to some other stores as well and try different makes. And remember, a salesman is just that.. a man making sales... I have yet to meet one who was spot on.

There will be more responses to follow! Trust me !!

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AS the others have said different brands will fit differently. Just try on as many as you can. You'll know when you have found one that fits correctly! He is right about the twisting though, I have been always told by many a biker that if you hold your arm out straight and twist it, the armour in the jacket should move with it to an extent. It'll mean that if you have an off, your arm wont twist and not be covered by the armour and hence your elbow getting ripped to shreds!

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Yeah, I think I'll do more thorough 'trying on tests' nearer the time of purchase. I like that jacket though, nice and short, with vents and simple styling...

Thanks for the speedy replies!


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Always have your glove tops INSIDE your sleeves too.

Helps keep water out of your gloves!


very true :D

yeah but then your elbows freeze .... and what with frozen fingers and frozen elbows ...... hell I'll just stay in til summer :roll:

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