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Helmet size....

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I went at my local bike shop to buy a helmet and saw some very attractive Marushin helmets. I asked to try one one. The shop owner told me that my size is a medium and handed me one of this size to try on.

I never had a full face helmet before and when I put it on it felt a bit tight to get it on and is not easy to move it on my face when being weared. The shop owner told me that the size is right as he says that the cushion will get softer (flatter) with use and will start to feel less tight. If I go for large he said it will then start to bother me by felling too big and move around etc...

So what is your opinion...? thanks!

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A good close fit is important, as long as you aren't chewing the insides of your cheeks and don't get headaches after half an hour's riding.

The padding will compress and a larger, looser fit will become less effective and hazardous.

Go with what the dealer says - he should know what he's talking about.

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Guest Mr Miller

As with all helmets ( :shock: ) you need them tight to begin with!

If it doesn't move too much or you can spin it round Exorcist-style then it should be ok!

It should give you the hamster-cheeks look whilst it's on!

If in doubt, visit another dealer in your area and try on Marushins there, see if this new shop says the same as t'other one!

Good luck!

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Helmet's should be a tight fit mate..... A loose helmet could be dangerous in a crash.

Did it feel tight just on your face, or on your whole head? If it felt tight on only your face, but loose on the back of you head, then the helmet is the wrong shape for you.

You need one that hugs your whole head... Have a look here for help.


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Thanks guys. Actually it felt a bit tight but only on the face. Also it hugged all the head quite well. Clearance was only present at the top which is normal I believe...maybe cause I shave my hair too low ;-)....

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If your thinking of buying a Marushin

Check the build quality mate

I bought one as it was the most comfy fit for me but I am a little disappointed with the build quality tbh.

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