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My exhaust is blowing/making a funny noise :(


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Noticed it earlier. When its revved, instead of the clean sound of revs theres a little "rasp" afterwards.

Sounds like something is loose in the exhaust, something rattling, but not quite.

The baffles in securely and its all fine as far as i can tell, but this little noise is annoying.

Hard to explain on here but was just wondering if somebody could give me a general idea of what it might be.

Its a 2005 Suzuki sv650 by the way.

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If the baffle is ok, is it blowing from the cylinders?

look for smoke escaping, put your hands close and feel for leaks,

watch you don't burn them though!

could be leaking at collector box or any joint.

you just need to have a good look till you find it.

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the older bandits were known to fail at the collector, as the join was made of mild rather than stainless steel, try there..

put a gloved hand over the exhaust with the engine running and block of the port, if all is well the bike will suffocate itself and stall, otherwise the gasses will come out of any holes/leaks.. best when cold, as the gasses are more visible

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The noise is coming from the end of the exhaust...ive run my ear and hand along the pipe and nothing is out of the ordinary there. The origin is the end and its totally baffling me (sorry about the pun)

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