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Hunstanton meet up details Sunday 5th April

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Depart Ely Bp Garage A10/A142 10:00am

Martin, Darren +2

Meet at Chatteris A142/A141 Roundabout BP Garage 10:15am

Neil, Ash, Gubba, Tinkerbell

A141 to Guyhirn for any heading from Peterborough/Midlands shell garage on A47 10:40am

Head A47 to Wisbech/King's Lynn then A149 to Sunny Hunny for Fish & Chips to arrive approx 11:40ish

Not sure what time we will head back depends on how long the queue is for the chippy and if we can get Nman off the dodgems lol

ALL WELCOME, don't forget your sunglasses 8-) 8-)

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Dave, might be slightly early but I like to be on time so how about we meet at mine for 9.45 am. this will give us half an hour to get to Chatteris. Jive we`ll meet you at the roundabout. BP garage on Bridge Street at 10.15 as you say. Everyone else from this way OK with this.

Roy, you coming over to mine or meeting at Gyhern A47.

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Will not be leaving Brampton until approx 11:30 - Should be at Hunny by 12:33 (ish) dependent on traffic.

If I don't meet up with you all - have a nce time and have a drink on me (Roy will show you where the water can be found!).

All the best,


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would be funny as f*** if we all got on the dodgems in full leathers/helmets and then drove right slow.

I'll bring the camera just in case....

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GOG, you know what our bikes are like so hang around them and I`m sure we`ll bump into each other. We won`t be far from them unless of course we do as Dave suggests and go up to the funfair

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Looks like a good turn out.

Martin (Jive)




Roy (yorbandit)

Neil (nman1)

+ Richard (Pillion)

Dave (Gubba)

Ashley (ash)

Tracey (tinkerbell)

Derick (Tiger)

Al (GOG) meet us there

Dave- meet en-route

And of course anyone else

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Ok few rules I reckon,

1. It's not gonna be a mad dash

2. The route is as above we won't be going on a wild goose chase

3. Lets all ride within our comfort zone and in a zig zag pattern

4. Lets make it the first of many :D :D

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