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Helmet become looser/less tight

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Ive had my shoei xr 1000 for about 5 weeks i think, and use it everyday. Due to it being a bit chilly i always put my neck tube over my mouth and nose so it covers the bottom part of my face. But now it's got warmer i don't really need to do that anymore but i have noticed that the helmet feels a lot looser now. I can get two fingers down by my cheek! Has this happened to anyone else? Is it simply fixed by just buying some smaller cheek pads?

Thanks :mrgreen:

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Never heard it happening on a Shoei to that extent before, although all helmets do. Change the cheek pads (Although I think you mean larger ones rather than smaller ones.. Unless I am reading it wrong) and see how it feels mate.

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remember a helmet moulds to your head when new .....

did you have assistance when buying the helmet ? such as the seller or did you pick up and try them yourself and buy the one that seemed to fit well

if possible try washing the cheek pads as per instructions ( if you can on these helmets ) and see if this returns them to their original state ....

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Yeah I spent AGES with a guy in the local shop trying them on and he said that a small wa sthe right size and it felt right. fitted snug on the top of my head but not tight and it squeezed my cheeks. I think it maybe because i have used the neck tube over my face ever since ive had it so it has made it loser. Ill give em a wash and see. If not ill fork out £20 for some new pads to see if that makes a difference.

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