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SV650s SK2 occasional cutting out


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This has happened prob every couple of days since i got the bike about 8 weeks ago. Story goes. I let the engine warm up and ride off. I change gear several times, all ok. However, usually when travelling at 30mph or above, then coming up to a roundabout/junction. I pull the clutch in, when i do, i cuts out! It will restart on the buttong then be fine. Doesnt seem to be any rhyme nor reason to it. Any ideas?

Dont know if its related but it makes a rattling noise, been told this is normal tho as its the clutch release bearing

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cheers phil, i put a post on sv650.org and it seems to be quite a regular thing, esp on the sk2 model. Think i'll strip the bits out of it, nice good clean and seal the front plug with some silicone sealant. See if that does the trick. This is going to sound really daft, but how can i tell if its misfiring? I feel as tho its lacking a bit of power, but in my mind i think its because im getting used to it

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Happened to mine a couple of times as well, same place both times... on a hill on a lead up to a roundabout. Never anywhere else.

Same thing with the getting used to it = slowing down feeling, a nice sunny day and some open roads soon reassured me that it's going fine.

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