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Ace Cafe Southend Shakedown 13th April

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Not so much U turns but slow speed control. Ah yes I forgot I can put my plates of meat down now without someone commenting in my ear haha.

I just noticed you're from Pompey, thats a fair old distance to come for sunny Southend.

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I'll be going to this too ... I'm bringing another 4 or 5 others from the Northwood Riders as well.

Will be on my Bandit 1200 which should be easier to pick out from the rest as it's green in colour (this colour was only available for one year!) and it's fully faired with a full set of Givi panniers and back box. Also it has the Legion Riders 'Lions Head' logo on the lower fairing :D so come over and introduce yourselves if you spot me and I'll do likewise with you guys.

Ride safe and hope to see ya tomorrow

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Hi Guys,

Did you enjoy the day? I had a great time, I could not believe how many bikes turned up, just a constant flow of bikes coming in from 11 till around 2.30 from what I could see.

Had a look around for you guys but couldn't find you. It's a shame it wasn't glorious sun in the end, though it wasn't too bad, just a bit cloudy.

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We had a good ride down too although the weather was naff when we left London, it soon improved. We had 7 of us from the Northwood Riders so made for a good ride down.

As MonkeyKnuckle said, we met him, TimR, Skittles and her Dad - saw a few black Bandits so don't know if one was yours Netmeister :?

Ride safe all and catch up again soon (hopefully) :D

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Where abouts did you guys park? I was parked about 5 bikes up from the entrance to the stall area.

We walked the whole length of the front and I couldn't spot you guys, although there were so many I can't say I looked at every single bike :?

Did you make your way up with the main group? We left the 127 diner as the frist people started trickling through.

I have to say for my first bike rally it was brilliant and I can't wait for the next one.

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We were planning to get there before the main group but had a few delays so ended up arriving at exactly the same time as them. :roll: :lol:

We were parked by the big Adventure Island thing a little way down from the stalls. There was a row of bikes along the curb then another row in front of them and we were in the front row.

If it helps my helmet had it's yellow mohawk attached and was tied to a cruiser type bike (can't remember what it is now, a Yamaha something.) and there was another helmet on the same bike with a blue mohawk on it.

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  • 11 months later...


I wondered why it came up in recent threads

The title said 13th but that was 2009 Duh! :oops:

Maybe this will be a better alternative to Friday. But I might still go ahead and meet Hoult on Friday

Guessing you'll have your tyre fixed by then Andy :wink:

Want to meet up and meet up with Wannars on the way?

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Ill meet up in Farnborough :thumb:

or would A3 services south of M25 be better?

Then you can show me the way to the Ace :lol:

seeing as I never been :wink:

Im thinking - Spot of brekky/brunch and then off to meet up with Andy?

If Ace is where I am thinking then its a straight run up the A3 for me and onto the North Circular :?:

Anyway give me a location and time and ill be there :cheers:

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