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Head Stock Bearing Adjustment


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Hi all,

noticed over the last few weeks (more than likely since i had my suspension off for seals) that my bike was giving me a lot of vibration through the bars, came to light after i had a ride on a mates bike which was absolutely smooth as hell.

Got to investigating and found a fair amount of front -> back play at the front wheel.

followed the haynes guid for slackening head stock bolt, top pinch bolts and stock adjuster 'thing'.

Tightened up the adjuster and the play on the wheel dissapeared. Put it all back together, but as i tightened the top bolt up again the steering would get very stiff, backed off the bolt again and all okay (still no play on the forks/wheel)...

Is this normal? I ended up test rideing and half way realised that the top bolt was very slack (presumably from vibrations backing it off).

Got to my dads and tightened it back up, it JUST pinches and goes from nothing to tight very easily.

Got home without it slackening again (and turning / handling / vibration all okay).

Just keep an eye on it or am i missing a trick?



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