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Visor bags/ pouches

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Hey guys im looking to buy a visor bag to be worn while im riding to carry my clear visor.

just wondering if any of you carry yours in a bag or on you while out.

I was looking for a Shark visor bag but cant seem to find one :crybaby:

does anyone know where i could pick one up from or any good websites that sell visor bags

i had a little look on google but couldn't find much

cheers :cheers:

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Always have my clear one with me when riding. My mirrored visor is illegal so if a Policeman decides to have a word with me I can show him I am being sensible and carrying a clear one should the weather turn or it goes dark. 99% of policemen are fine with that.

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Thats good to know

the one i have on my lid maybe a touch to dark for mr policeman 8-) but its great for bright days :lol:

But i always plan to carry my clear just incase of weather change and to show i'd planned for that

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Out of intrest do you guys carry your spare visors with you when out playing ?

All the time.

Although I may leave my dark one off for the time being as I'm nursing 'a few' points! :?


You don't get points I don't think, just a fine..... Someone correct me if I am wrong though..

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• Tinted visors, if used during daylight hours, advice only, if used during the hours of darkness or conditions of reduced visibility consider prosecution using ‘Tintman’ equipment where available.

It is acknowledged that there is much debate about this issue and many variables and anomalies can be applied. Therefore a pragmatic approach is necessary and only in cases where there is an obvious danger should prosecution be considered.

The above are Guidelines taken from:

Association of Chief Police Officer of England,

Wales & Northern Ireland

Motorcycle Enforcement Strategy For England, Wales & Northern Ireland

This document was up for review in Jan 2008.

Available to look at in full (quite interesting really) at..

http://www.ukpoliceonline.co.uk/index.p ... opic=25142

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I'd imagine they could fixed penalty you still though?

Mirrored visors blinding others! LMAO only if someone had a flat head! :3some: :3some: :3some:


Yep.. I would also point out that the car in front of me was blinding me with it's side mirrors and rear mirror!!

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Guest philgale

just a 30 note fine isnt it for a visor.....i never been stopped, past police bikers in the dark before with one on coz i couldnt be arsed to chance it...

just lucky i guess

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I have never been stopped wearing mine but then I have never given then a reason to stop me, I.E riding with it on at night or in bad weather, fog/mist/heavy rain etc.

I do carry a print out of the 'Motorcycle Enforcement Policy' taken and printed off the 'Association of Chief Police Officers' web site. I will show this if I ever get a tug just to proove I have done my homework and know what I am doing thus prooving, hopefully, to the officer that I am not a knobhead who just chances it. The document is here http://www.acpo.police.uk/policies.asp look about half way down. Some other interesting stuff on there too.

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I have a mate who is a cop on a bike. He rides to incidents and is an expert witness about accidents etc. (he drives bikes, HGVs, busses etc)

I asked him.

He said that at night time, you may get pulled if visor is down. But he said you'd only get pulled if you were doing something else bad, and that was all they could pin on you. He said that they need to measure tint with a special machine, which is hardly ever about. So the chances you get pulled by a car would be very very very slim. He also mentioned that the only people who may pull you are bike cops, but they again wouldn't do it unless you were riding like a twat. He said that a good reason (i.e. sun was in my eyes and glasses steam up) would suffice.I asked him about carrying the clear one. He said at night, yes, would be advisable, just on the off chance something did happen. But in the day, there is no point. He said that he wouldn't.

He also added that most of his police biker mates wear tinted/mirrored visors.

I know this isn't gospel, but handy to hear from the other side.

However, if you had an accident it may act against you!

I have a mirrorred visor, it says on it "for day time use only". When it's sunny I'll wear it, and not carry a spare.

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