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Backmarker Racing - Round 2 result's and report

Guest Mr Marv

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Race Report - Round 2 - April 12th 2009

Arriving at a cold and misty Mallory park on the Sunday morning, the weather looked a bit suspicious, and although the weather forcast had been dry and sunny, it looked like we may have a few spots of rain.

This didnt bother us as we'd had a brilliant wet test day on the Friday with times coming down to 1.03!

We already had the new slick in the bike ready for a dry day and sat with our finger crossed for a dry day.

Our times practice was 10:30 and just as the 125's went out at 9:30 a few spots of rain were coming down. As we were about to go out for practice, the circuit had become slightly damp and we could see people rushing around putting full wets in! The circuit had hardly any water on it, so we decided to stay with the slicks.

This proved to be a great descision and we qualified 5th overall for the open race with a time of 1.00.495, only .700's off first! This time gave us some excellent grid positions for the day ahead.

Our first race was the qualifying heat for the Buildbase race. We started 8th on the grid.

After a terrible start i managed to get rythm together to finish 18th from 28 with a PB time of 59.506.

The next race of the day was the first of the 2 open races. For this I started 3rd on the grid. A front row start! Again i got s rubbish start. I finished the race in 11th from 22 with a super PB time of 58.572!

With the times coming down rapidly we were very happy with the way the day was going.

The next race, was the Buildbase Trophy Race. I started 18th on the grid and finished 18th from 23, with a time of 59.776. Still the times were under a minute so very pleased with things.

Race 4 was the 2nd of the open races. I started 5th on the grid and finished 14th from 23 with a best time of 59.895.

Our final race of the day was the 1000cc novice race. I started this race 2nd on the grid. The race started well and from 2nd i got another awful start and went to 3rd. After a lap got into 2nd place and held 2nd for a few laps not knowing that 3rd, 4th and 5th place riders were right behind me. I made a mistake going into Edwinas chicane and was pushed back to 3rd. Trying to make the place back I again, made a big mistake into the hairpin which made me take a very wide line. This let the 2 riders behind me come through and push me back into 5th. I tried and pushed but was unable to get back any further.

My best time was another 58.605 second lap as well as a 58.7 lap.

All in all a superb day, with us getting some superb results and finally not only breaking the minute, but getting into the 58's.

Were heading in the right direction, and with a small bit of suspension tweaking and some more race practice, we will hopfully see BMR improve on the already improving results for the next race on May 17th.

Thank you to all the help and sponsors who helped us compete in this race including..

http://www.proppa.com Little Devil Studios and The Motorbike Forum.



for photo's please visit our website and click the photo's link at the top.

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Gonna try and get to you on the 17th :)

Well done... dont matter about the results, i think you had an awesome weekend :) for someone who has only raced once before, and first time out on the gixer... brilliant xx

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