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Kriega Luggage

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Ive got the Kriega R25 rucksack and couldn't live without it! The harness system is brilliant, it spreads the weight quite well so your shoulders dont hurt! Ive carried my laptop in it in the pouring rain a couple of times and it has never let a drop in. You can also tack on some expansion packs from kriega if you need more room i think.

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I've just taken delivery of a Kriega R25 after reading a thread where Korben posted they were highly rated by Ride or Bike magazine. I'll have a look for it and edit this post.

I haven't used it yet, but it seems like a solid piece of kit. Shoulder straps come in three sections with two adjustment points. I put the sack on then adjusted it and the handbook that came with it says I shouldn't need to adjust it again. Seams seem well stitched and there are big chunky zips and fobs to grab hold of. It expands and is actually quite a bit larger than I expected. It had a heavy feel, but when it's on it's not uncomfortable at all. The bottom of the bag fits into the small of your back and the top shoulder straps are pointed inwards so they're not going to pull on your shoulder when your hands are on the bars.

Give us a shout if there's anything I've missed. I'll have used it by the weekend so could tell you more, but everyone who I've spoken to who's used them have raved about them.

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Ive got a kriega rucksack - think its the 25!?

Its a fantastic bag and really spreads the weight over your chest and shoulders, I use it for everything now :)

I have also got the cube accesory thing - it attaches onto the bag or your belt and is just a great size for a wallet and phone, waterproof too!

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ive got the US-10 tailpack its an excellent bit of kit,doesnt leak and when its strapped on the back it doesnt move around at all


I'll second this. I've got the US-20 tailpack and it's perfect. Not tested it's waterproofness yet but is well made and seems to be pretty robust. Definitely gets my reccomendation.

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im after the R25 ruck sack,

currently got a Tech 7 back from ebay and the waist strap/belt is tearing at the seam, pretty gutted, but was only cheap.

anyone know where i can get the R25 the cheapest?

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Bike shows mate. Not up your end of the country so don't know if there are any coming up near you but give it a google and see what you find. Picked mine up for £75 i think, cant exactly remeber, from Ally Pally show.

Or ebay...

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Kept meaning to post about my R25 in here... but used it on the pudding run and I got drenched on the way up and on the way back, but the contents of my bag stayed completely dry, not a drop got in.

The rain was so bad it was bouncing back up. We stopped to refuel for the way home and when I put my bike on the sidestand water came pouring out of the radiator. I could barely see and was just trying to keep the white line under my wing mirror so I knew I was still on the road. Torrential rain!

In other words, it was quite wet. Can vouch for these bags. Good stuff.

EDIT: paid £85 for mine off the Kriega website including delivery. Looked on ebay but everyone was pretty much charging the same as Kriega. Haven't looked at bike shows though.

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thanks guys

any info on their guarantee? do you need proof of purchase for any repair work that may need to be done?

bit dubious of ebay cos all they give you is a bit of paper with what you have bought.

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