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leathers for a tall skinny lad

Guest deanspoors

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Hi this is my first post so can I say thankyou for all the helpful information which I have read on here so far

My question is, I'm a tall skinny lad

6" with a 30" waist

The jackets i've tried so far are way to short on the arms or too baggy

The trousers seem too short too but I suppose these go into your boots anyways.

I like the look of the "wolf kangaroo" 2 piece suits but seem a bit short on the arm.

Anyone else in a similar boat and found a make which caters for us?

Thanks in advance, Dean

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im 6ft 2 and probably a 28" waist as i still need belts on 30" waist with new holes put half way round the belt :D

just get out there and try loads on, ive got an RSR leather jacket which is fine but ive never seen em on the net or anything, bought it in southend essex in a shop that does motorcycle training just off victoria avenue

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I'm 6'4" and skinny. I also strugled and tried on a whole bunch of leathers but settled with the Panther II jacket and trousers from Hein Gericke on the basis that they do a long fit for tall skinny people such as ourselves although they may be a little hard to come by. I had mine sent to my local store from around the country! So it may be worth inquiring as to whether they have anything.

Good luck and happy hunting :D

ps. they're also not ridiculously expensive.

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:lol: its a curse!! nothing rteally fits well and truly and the only riding position i feel relaxed and comfy in is that of a cruiser, even nakeds or road bikes feel far too odd

it has its bonuses though :wink:

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God some of you are tall skinny fukkers are'nt you!! :lol:

Yeah, I'm 6 ft 1 with a 28 waist :lol:

I haven't got any leathers yet as I don't have a bike :(

Hopefully later this year though..

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