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Auxilary Lights

Guest WalneyFrankie

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Hi All, i have fitted auxilary lights inside the engine bars on my GSX750, to give me more light at night, at the moment i have them wired into the light circuit with a relay and additional switch under the seat, i want to put a switch up front, so i can operate them at will, but without a fairing, it has to be all weather.. anyone any ideas, and is anyone else running spots/aux lighting?

oh, and the why is I live up north where the roads are bordered with trees, we haven't evolved into street lighting, and if i'm late back from a run, or want a night ride, then i want to be able to see, without the candle suzuki call a headlight.


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A more powerful headlight bulb may have been easier.

Watch out for motorists thinking you're a car far away and pulling out.

Can't you wire the relay through the existing lighting circuit 8-)


yes i have done, but that means that the lights are on all the time when the headlamp is on, hence the need for another switch, the lights can't be on without the headlamp, but are switched seperately, much like fog lights on a car.

the triangle shape gives a better indication of closing speed, unlike a single headlight. so hopefully will stop any incidents,

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