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MFN - WEDS 08/08/07 (This Wednesday)


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Thinking about a pootle up to MFN this coming Wednesday evening if anyone fancies meeting up.

For those that don't know, MFN is just up from Ikea, off Junction 26, M1

Will PM a few locals and see if they fancy it, failing that, post below:

Cheers All,



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after i've replied to your pm - fella says MFN sounds good :? we're off spending this week all together so he hasn't got to get up for work the next morning meaning 80% probability we will be there. :D

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I can't believe I only live a mile away and I've never been. Rubbish in't I...?


QB - same here. only going this time 'cos we off on hols together.

has anyone ever been there at weekends? fella wants to take lil 'un over to see some of the cars and bikes that hang around but don't know if its busy enough on Saturday/Sundays?

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I'll be there!

If you've not been before, I'd guess the best place to meet up would be either in the bike park at the end of the strip from the bridge to the pub or next to the beer/pop trailer they park on the edge of the carpark near the entrance.

I'll be leaving home around 6.45pm, so would expect to be there around errrr...7.00 :lol:

See you there - Mobile number Peee-emmmed to yous all, just in case!

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Impressed isnt the word I'd use!!

Never seen so many bikes in one place.

Quality ride both ways but visor looks pebbledashed with bugs!

Definitely worth the trip.

Good to see you both and look forward to next one.

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Aye mate, I had to sluice my jacket off when I got home last night!

The bugs along the A6096 out of those trees are reet big juicy un's!

As for the amount of bikes there, well, it was fairly quiet by comparison to what I've seen there before, blame the recent cruddy weather for that I think.

Like I said yesterday, a cracking meetup venue for the forum population, pretty central too.

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Aye, defo impressed

Biggest bike night I remember being at.... er, well, for MANY years :lol:

Will definately go again

and with the weather looking nice today, I rather fancy a run to the Vic too, but I think Mrs Snoopy might have something to say about that :( :lol:

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http://i162.photobucket.com/albums/t267/mandy3080/Smilies/cursin.gif fella's bro rang to say coming up and didn't get here til late - so annoying

Glad it sounds like a decent ride - can use that to coax fella into going when he's back at work with some ... persuasion :twisted:

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It's a good ride from the right side of town, but from your neck of the woods, it's mostly Nottm Ring Road, A610, over J26, then more A610

However, Allan, (See, I gone done an remembered that time! :lol: ) will be happy enough to come an meet yet more strange folks

hey, you could bring ZX6R peeps along to - sorry, I forgot his name now too :( :lol: :lol: :lol:

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