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Wearing separate jacket and trousers - and having an off?

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Just wondered

Usually I ride with a 2 piece zipped together, feels quite secure. I know that for full protection you get a zip that goes all the way around, or a 1 piece.

However, a lot of bikers wear jeans (maybe kevlar lined) and jacket. Especially 'old skool' bikers.

I appreciate that the trousers will stay up due to a belt, but obviously if you slide feet first, nothing stops the jacket riding up.

Just wondering how a jacket would fair on a typical 'off' if it isn't secured to trousers.

Any ideas?

Also my RST RIT jacket has a fla at the back, with a metal hole in it. Is this for securing to my legs somehow?

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Dunno about the hole mate...

On some of the Kevlar jeans you do get a small zip on the back of them.

When I got my Alpinstar Jacket it came with a full zip and the other side of the zip. Therefore if I bought a pair of trousers that were not Alpinestar I could get the other part of the zip sown to the trousers.

In the event of an off with no attachment though it all come down to fit and probably a little luck. If it's a tight fight it might not move too much... If it's lose it will probably ride up quickly.

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i ride with two singles sometimes and i was always told when trying a jacket on to raise my hands above my head, if the jacket came up willingly to expose my torso then it wasnt good, if i had trouble lifting cos the jacket was not wanting to move up then it would be ok

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If you slide feet first - and you will for part of your journey - the jacket is likely to ride up and expose your back to the tarmac.

A good case for a well-fitting separate back protector.

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I wonder what the police would say if they saw someone riding round in just a helmet and Y-fronts...

I don't think I'd be able to speak through laughing too much :mrgreen:

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just remembered this thread and can now, having tested both means say that it dont really matter lol. this time i was in my two peice leathers that zip up and there as not an inkling of a difference between that and haing a good fitting jacket that dont zip up :lol:

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I only wear leather jeans for winter warmth. Had lots of offs over the years in just a jacket. Never had a problem. Good gloves shorten recovery time. An off on the road isn't like a track off. You won't slide for miles down the road without encountering a solid object. A long slide down the road means you either were going too fast or gave up too soon.


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Interesting ...

Also, I didn't know that was what the bottom part of the zip was for. Clever


Ditto here ! I have a really nice Hein Gericke textile jacket and some Frank Thomas trousers that are not compatiable but the jacket has the extra zip bit...will have to go investigate now !!

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i use a 2 piece zipped togeather when im going for a proper blast and a jacket and either Kevlar jean or leather jeans when doing local stuff.

i always wear boots as ankles get knackered easily :wink:

i have a summer jacket too which offers some protection but some is better than the t shirt and know gloves brigade. :roll:

ps i hit a car at 15mph ish in 89 and was wearing the full kit and apart from a elbow that would look right on someone who weighs 40stone i had know road rash which was a surprise as the leathers were shredded after a slide of maybe 8-10 yds :shock:

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Does seem odd that people concentrate on jackets and what trousers you wear but no one mentions anything about maybe also you should always wear a full face helmet.

I ride in Jeans to/from work

I dont fasten my jacket to my trousers either.

Always wear full face lid, gloves and boots.

I could see how a jacket may ride up but its not likely as most are quite tight fitting.

Last off i had I must have slid along on my jacket as it was melted on the back!

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