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Headphones for mobile

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Hey folks,

Just wondering if anyone can recommend a good headset. I have looked all around and the best I can find is a single ear mono headset. I need a push to answer (or voice answer). I also wanted it to be stereo though so I could listen to music on my phone too.

Any idea?



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Hey JTA,

It's a qtek 9100.

Most headsets done have an answer button though and the ones that do, have the microphone built into the but you have to push to talk which means that you wouldn't be able to push it with it in your helmet.




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Other option would be to fabricate your own wiring. The PTT option is activated by shorting/connecting poles(?) on the jack. Not difficult to fabricate if you're ok with a soldering iron.

Problem I have with mine, is that I cannot configure the button on the headset to activate voice commands, only redial or disconnect, so only use for music, sat nav, and listening to text messages. Bluetooth works fine, but not wired headset :( .

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A geofence is a virual perimeter on a map. So, using a piece of software installed on my WM6 powered phone and GPS unit, on entering or exiting a geographical area, a text or email can be sent automatically to a number or email address with custom message and (optionally) location details.

I've been testing it with automatically sending a message home when I leave work, and sending another when I get near. While this isn't the most exciting test, I'm finding it fun to mess about with and it's definitely got some good uses.

There's another version that runs on WM6 that uses CellID (cellular network based location) that enables you to send text messages in a similar fashion I think.

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Hmmmm interesting. You can get PCI phone cards which can be hooked up to a computer that would be running your houses utilities. You could have your house turn your heating on, run a bath and put the kettle on for when you arrive :-)

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Sure can.

Currently exploring this as a personal use app for things as boring as wife knowing I've set off home from work, or if on long ride out for day, am retuning to area so she can get the tea on :wink:

Although I'm not generally a user of public transport, I think it would be good to be able to see where the train is, where your connecting train is, whether it's delayed, whether you've missed it etc. Or for buses, metrolinks, whatever. I had seen this site last year http://www.swisstrains.ch. It's not changed since I was first shown it, but figure this maybe a great idea for one of my companies clients.

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