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Buying a lid

Guest noob_biker

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Hey all just wanted to ask some advice about lids.

I am doing my cbt soon so am looking to start buying my gear and first on my agenda was a lid.

Now i have read the sticky above and am now just curious as to what you would class as a good lid or good brand of lid.

Here's 2 examples that i just quickly found for reference

http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/VIPER-RS-44-SKULL ... dZViewItem

http://www.sportsbikeshop.co.uk/motorcy ... /580/34450

Now obviously i know that the 2nd one is better quality and if i had no budget that's the one i would choose but what i trying to find out is if there is a limit to how little you would pay for a lid.

I mean the first one says Approved to ECE 22.05 Standard but is incredibly cheap compared to most lids i have seen.

Sorry if this seem's a stupid post but i just trying to find out how much roughly everyone spend's on lids as what with saving up to get a bike i would much rather have a £100 lid and put 300 towards a bike fund than buy a £400 lid.

Then when i got a bike i can start saving for a super duper lid :D

Thanks for the help in advance and sorry for rmbling on.

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TBH mate you are asking lot's of questions with lots of answers... Stick to the basics

Does it fit properly... I mean properly. No loose points, and no overly tight points.

Is it appropriately approved for legal use in this country.

A £40 helmet that fits perfectly will be safer in an accident than a £400 helmet that does not fit properly.

I wear a Shoei. Not because I like the helmets they make, or the brand, or that they are popular, but because it fits me so perfectly it's like Shoei use my actual head as a template!!!!!

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go to the bike shops try some on and talk to the guys/girls there.

the question is how much can you do with being off work and in hospital if you have a head injury, will a £100 lid seem a worthwhile purchase, or the £300 one..

i think we all concur with "BUY THE BEST YOU CAN AFFORD" get the kit, then get the bike..

Also if this is your first lid, the DO NOT buy over the net, you need someone to measure your head and check fitment, otherwise the cost doesn't matter if it don't fit correctly, too tight and your head hurts, too loose and it'll be no good in an accident.


join 4the ride, and get discounts at Hein Gericke, also check out RidesafeBacksafe. http://www.ridesafebacksafe.co.uk/more_ ... rent_id=80

just to give you an idea, my kit cost about £1000 (Lid £330 Arai), and my bike well £1000.

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Ditto the above,

I would never buy a lid on the net, no way.

It has to fit right so when you try one in a shop wear it for a good 20 mins to half an hour and see if you get any pressure points. I wore a lid at the school i was learning at and it felt fine for about an hour and then gave me a headache for the rest of the day, as it was pressing right at the front.

Bear in mind a lid with graphics will cost you more as well, I have an Arai chaser in silver camo but I got it for 50 squids of the retail price so only paid 320 (i think). In any case, it's comfy, fits me well and I,ve had it on for up to 6 hours straight with no worries, and that's what you want, no worries.

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Echo what everyone else has said so far:

Only buy what you've tried on (for as long as possible)

Price isn't everything - check the new Sharp helmet safety tests http://sharp.direct.gov.uk/ and see how your choices stack up.

You'll see there are £100 helmets that "outperform" £400 helmets. Like Korben, I've gone with a Shoei because it was the best fit, and the Raid II gets 4 stars in the Sharp test.

But I was very close to purchasing a Caberg V2R which was half the price and 5 stars!

So shop around, try 'em on and spend what you can.

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my advice would be go try on a few lids in shops. Note the ones you like and that fit well, then order from the net (proper shop). Those who say don't trust in transit etc. How do you think the lids arrive at high street shops? :) I have a shoei xr1000, love it!

As for clothing. Try eBay you will save a fortune.

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