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Brake Pads

Guest Dar1

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I have been suffering with brake fade toward the end of sessions on track and want to upgrade my brakes. I am changing the fluid and putting new braided/ ss lines on. What pads would be a good choice?? I still use the bike on the road so they need to perform at lower temperatures but need to perform at high temps also

Anybody recommend something thats good value?

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I wouldn't go for EBC HH Sintered. I've got them on mine and although the stopping power is OK they squeek like bugg*rs and it just DOES NOT go away (reapplied copper slip twice and bedded in nicely). My uncle has also had eye blurring with them (i.e. he'd apply the brakes and he wouldn't be able to read the speedo! Changed the discs, still happened, turned out to be the pads) on the front which is obviously not good.

I've heard great things about Ferodo pads. Bit more expensive (depends where you look for them I guess), from what people have said they're worth it:

http://www.ferodoracing.com/it/motorcyc ... p_road.htm

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EBC HH's on the Zephyr 550 make a hell of a diffrence but as said, they sqeak on a warm dry day, get hoter, casue unwanted vibration at hard brakeing.

but on the plus side on teh A57 before a roundabout i can brake from 100mph - 20mph in less than 100 yards... with engine brakeing.

worth every penny!

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love u really lol

but no i know what you mean with the carbon gold series they ar every good pads and a lil bit more than the normal but i'd pay it.

just remember HH are harder so its more ware on the disc its self so be careful.

but my god they make a hell of a diffrence, so does having good clean fluid

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