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new leathers...... choice, choices!!!!

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Ok so realised its time for a new 1 pce suit, been browsing the net n found 3 suits really like the look of!!! .........soopinions would be grateful!!!!


By si74 at 2009-04-28

Rev it Replica


By si74 at 2009-04-28

RS Taichi

all retail around the £700-800 mark!!


By si74 at 2009-04-28

BKS Benicia

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the bikes black mate so its pretty easy for coour :D

have tried the revit and bks suit on and both fit fantastic!!! was wondering if anyone is using any of the aboe for recommendations!!! :?

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I was talking to the guy that owns my local leathers shop and he was showing me some Wolf kangaroo skin leathers of some kind and swears by them. He told me that he used to work in a place that dealt with returns and that all the items would be returned, scuffed and scraped and the person would say that the thread was coming loose or something to try and get a new set of leathers rather than 'I came off on a track day' but then one day one of these Wolf suits came back and the letter said that it wasn't to return it but to say that he'd come off while doing 150mph on a track day and that is all the damage the suit had received and it had protected him that well that he was able to go to work the next day, battered and bruised slightly but no broken bones or lacerations etc as the suit had stood up to the pounding.

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