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Not getting gears.

Guest rking1950

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Hi Guys

I've got a Honda CBR 1000F, and only can get first and second, she won't go in 345 gears. Do you think some selectors are gone.



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she won't go in 345 gears.

flipin' 'eck.... my bike only has 6 gears.... :shock: :wink:

seriously though, make sure the gear lever returns to it's central position by itself. it could be the return spring isn't working properly. you can get round this temporarily by tapping the gear lever back down with your foot after changing into second. failing this, it will be either the selector drum or the drup forks. either are a bugger to get to so lets hope it's something simple like the return spring.

shouldn't be the clutch as bike gears are constant mesh type and don't need a clutch to change gear.

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Try operating the lever by hand, and have a look at whats happening, i did this with my Katana, and found the lever was fouling on one of the peg bolts, could be that its catching and not able to complete its movement..

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