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Module 2 - members test experiences

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My module2 09/07/09

Arrived at the DSA center in macclesfield at 10:15am. Only half an hour till my test so me and my instructor nick went around Macclesfield town center so i could get a bit more practice.

Got back to the test center after about minutes then parked the bike on their car park. We then went in and met Kevin

the examiner who then sorted out my radio and gave me instructions about if i lost him that i needed to pull over etc.I noticed the examiner is going to following me in a car!!!!!! :shock:

First of was the eye test, no problems

Then he asked me 3 questions (show me, tell me)

'if i had a pillion how dose it affect the braking'

'show me how you check the oil'

'show me how you would check the horn'

So i had a belt around my waist that was tight and it was over my pocket which had the bike key in. I had my gloves n helmet on so i was ready to show him, but the key was in my pocket and i struggled to get it out for about 2minutes, in which this time Kevin had walked off and was just getting in the car.

I managed to get the key and turn the ignition on and press the horn before he closed the car door!!

Any way radio check, All was OK

So i set off from the test center. Heading towards Silk road which is a 70mph dual carriage way, I was told to make progress with been on a bike so i soon got to 70mph. My instruction were take the 3rd right off the round about. I did what he said, but the radio was not working how it was meant to be.. the further i got from Kevin the worse the radio was too the point that i lost him altogether hoooo f***k

Well after the round about we headed into an estate where i was meant to do a couple of maneuvers but i couldn't hear him on the radio so i just went straight on thinking he not said anything. We got to a junction and he ask if the radio was working and he was right behind me so yeah it was fine.

We set off again heading towards macclesfield town center. I came to a set of traffic light and i got past them, but Clever Kevin in the car got caught on red

You can guess whats going happen now, i got further away from him, the radio was at this point non existent and i then pulled over after a couple of round abouts.......

I waited at the side of the road, waited & waited till after about 6-7 minutes he was no where to be seen. :shock:

By then i was panicking, ( what the hell do i do now)

I decided to head back up the road in which he may be waiting for me, did an awesome U-turn :) went back up the road and i couldn't see him iv now lost Kevin in a silver car :roll:

I went to the town center thinking IL catch him some where but still no sign of him, by now i thought well iv failed so no point in bothering

I headed towards the DSA test center but on the way i saw my instructor on his bike. I flagged him down and manged to stop him..

He said

'How have you gone on'

My reply

'Iv lost the F*ing examiner iv failed now'

So we both headed back to the DSA center where i saw Kevin standing in the carpark.

I parked the bike up and went into the center annoyed with the whole test as it went such a mess.

Kevin then gave me a ear full about rear observations and asked where did i go!!

I didn't think i passed until i saw him writing a pass certificate out.

There was no Congratulations you've passed or I'm sorry to tell you that you have failed this time :?

He said do you want me to send your driving license off for you? and that was it he walked off :up:

So all in all i was with the examiner for 10 minutes of a 40minutes test

I now have my full license which all that counts :cheers:

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Mod2 23 July 2009 - Macclesfield

I didn't lose Kevin!

He pulled me up for not being quick enough on the same dual carriage way, but he was on a bike this time so he kept up easily. Apparently having told me we were on it for 3 miles he wanted me to really go for it, he wasn't happy with 60, should have been 70 all the way. He didn't fail me for that though... there was more!

Passing a line of parked cars and a woman got out of one of them at the far end. There was a car approaching in the other direction so I slowed down, and I thought she'd stepped in between the cars before I got to her. Kevin thought not and that I was too close to her. I can see his point, the car coming towards me was far enough away for me to have pulled out wider and back in again before it would have been a problem, and as he said, if it'd been my wife and him passing her, I'd have wanted him to be on the other side of the road.

Next was 'angled pull out', I pulled out from behind a parked car as instructed, but some begger in an Audi was pulling out round another parked car on the other side of the road. They ended up on my side of the road and although there was plenty of room I should have waited.

Lessons learned.... maybe next time! :oops:

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Had my first attempt at Module 2 today in Basildon. After taking 3 attempts to pass Module 1 I wasn't too hopeful - but I thought I'd give it my best shot. Anyway, I arrived at the test centre 20 minutes early and there were no free motorbike parking spaces which threw me off a bit. Parked to the side and went in - I then proceeded to get very nervous!

Popped to the loo and saw a space was now free, moved my bike and just as I went in my name was called. Simon fitted me with the headset and he met me by my bike. I was asked to show him how I'd check the oil and how a pillion passenger would affect the ride. Then, after a quick headset check, we were off! All went well on the ride but I made a few silly mistakes - forty minutes later, convinced I'd failed, we arrived back at the test centre. I was again called into the briefing room and told the words I never thought I'd hear - you passed!

I got 3 minors - one for pulling onto a roundabout when a car was coming round. There was just enough room, but any tighter and it would've forced them to slow down. I also got another for passing a parked car with traffic oncoming (it was quite far in the distance), but examiner said I should've held back. Last one was for hesitation when changing lane, causing me to not leave quite enough room between the back of my bike and the car in the lane I was changing into.

It still hasn't sunk in, I can't wait to get out without my L plates and start properly learning. :D

I'd like to also take this oppurtunity to thank everyone on the forum for all the help I've been given over the last month or so. I couldn't afford to take professional tuition so I've been learning everything from books, videos, and of course you lot - I couldn't have done it without you! My birthday's coming up so hopefully I'll get enough money together to take the advanced test.


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My Module could have been a disaster, basically it was all booked for the DSA centre at Alyesbury (Bucks) way back in May 2009, a sunny Wednesday afternoon.

The Sunday before the test date, the DSA rang up my instructor and told him the test had been cancelled, and couldn't give him a reason. Well after some ranting, my instructor managed to get the DSA to issue another test slot on the same day... the problem... the new DSA test centre was in Enfield (North London), nearly 2 hours from us!

After spending all morning actually getting there, I had about an hour to compose myself and get ready for the test. On the test we seemed to go around and around the same housing estate, I didn't mind and we never did the high speed stuff because of the terrible traffic.

Anyway, as you may of guessed I passed. Only 2 minor faults and an hour trip home on the motorway as way of a treat! :D

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  • 3 weeks later...

MOD 2 Macclesfield 0937 6th August. Examiner..Kevin

Couldn't have been a better day for it, gorgeous sunshine.

Arrived at the test centre in plenty of time. Backed the bike into the space so I could just drive out without risking any stupid manual handling!

Keep bike key in hand or if your glove has a velcro strap, put it on there. This avoids embarrassing faffing once you are all kitted up and the examiner waiting.

Kevin introduced himself, gave me a briefing of what he expected (ride for yourself, just as you would do on a lesson etc etc) then kitted up with the radio (out of the ark!)

We went out to the bike, he asked about checking the oil level, testing the horn, and then 'what you would tell a new pillion to do/not do'

Then off we went, out the test centre and straight across (those in macc will know where this is...remember STOP sign at junction!!!!!)

Kevin was on his bike, and sat very close behind...no chance of losing him like Brooklyn did :lol:

Out of macc, up to the mod1 site, back down pexhill road, country lanes then back through a housing estate. Did the angled pull off then back to the test centre (NOTE this isn't one of the routes listed on the DSA website, so don't get too hung up on them...he can take you anywhere!)

Parked bike and went back into test centre where he told me I'd passed WOOOOOOOHHHOOOOOOOO!!! :yay: Gave me a debrief about right hand lifesavers when turning right at roundabout (not necessary really but I'd been doing them...gave me 3 minors for that, and 1 for 'could have gone a little faster on the country lanes' ...I couldn't remember the limit on the road so was sitting about 45-50 on the twistys...it was a national though, so fair enough.

All in all, he was very pleasant, fair and his instructions were all very clear.


Again...HUGE THANKS to all at RJH for brilliant tuition, but special thanks to Nick....I had a blast in all my lessons!!!!!

GOOD LUCK EVERYONE...It's the best feeling ever!! Have covered 500 miles on my new toy since tuesday when it arrived. :D :D

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  • 2 weeks later...

Well i'm just home after passing my mod 2.

Got back to the test centre and the examiner first of all said i had failed because i did not slow down to 20 when passing a big square sign with '20 when lights flash' on it. the lights on that sign were not flashing but just behind it a lamp post with the 2 amber lights (still flashing) that warn you of school crossing patrol.

I argued my point that the lights on the 4 corners of the actual sign stating the 20mph speed limit must be flashing or a school crossing patroller (or kids) must be in view before i have to slow to 20 in that area.

He then leaves the room to speak to someone and comes back to tell me he is sorry and i have passed with no minors :yay:

If Simon for 'Aberdeen Bike School' uses this forum then just to say cheers for all your help and your a Legend!!

Safe riding everyone :bike2:

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MOD 2 Macclesfield 15.30 27th August. Examiner..Kevin

Didn't have any nerves before my Mod 2 unlike Mod 1 when I was completely hyped up. Looking back was I a little complacent?

Arrived in plenty of time, fitted with Radio earpiece and did eyesight and safety questions fine. Received clear and concise pre-ride instructions from Kevin.

Set off right into Chestergate and left to the roundabout. On through to Tytherington Lights right and through estate back onto Manchester Road and down to the bottom Silk road roundabout all going great until here, was maintaining due progress using all obs and lifesavers in plenty of time.

Then misheard the directions, hesitated indicated left when it was second exit left corrected myself but by now was completely flustered and left my indicator on, that was it, I knew I'd blown it, it was a dangerous error!! Received a stern admonishment from Kevin about how I could get myself killed by doing that. Ouch!!!

Anyway my ride went to pieces after that, starting getting timing, obs and manouvers wrong.

Back to the Test Centre to receive the dreaded news and my post ride feedback. Kevin told me about the indicator and also some valuable feedback on lifesaver timings and not making due progress at roundabouts, over caution.

It is open to debate whether my serious error and ensuing panic caused this and of course it's now academic but it gives me the info I need to get it right next time.

Any lessons learned, yes.

If you mishear or don't hear the instruction properly carry on in the direction you were going following all the correct riding procedures and obs and concentrate on what you are doing, not what has just happened. As my Trainer said after, they cannot prove either way whether you did or didn't hear the directions, your word against theirs. It is more important that you continue riding without making any errors.

Got a new test booked in a few weeks and some more training. :crybaby:

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Having passed my Mod 1 comfortably I was feeling good for the Mod 2. I arrived this morning before 9AM and shortly after another guy arrived. That wasn't the plan. He was taking his Mod 2 for the second time. Then the instructor arrived. I didn't know him and he said it was just the 3 of us. Damn.

I got a different bike too. It was still an ER-5 but it was older, idled really low and I just couldn't get used to the revs. The choke was broken too. We went through the Q&A stuff (which I learned from this forum; thanks guys) and were warned that the normal examiner (Steve) was on holiday and some new guy they didn't know was doing it. Damn again.

Went for a ride feeling really rusty. Nothing was as smooth or as controlled as it was before, but it had been a while. I had also warn waterproofs because the BBC said it was going to rain but it didn't so I just got sweaty wet instead. Yuck. Stuff felt not so bad after a while but it was still not as good as when I did my Mod 1 (2 weeks ago Thursday).

I started the test and they examiner seemed like a bit of a... well... I didn't like him. He asked me to show him how I'd test the horn, then how I'd check the tyres and finally how carrying a passenger would effect the handling of the bike. Okay, and off we went.

Radios were crackly when close together but okay otherwise. Got out and for some reason felt good. The first corner was a little nervous (quite tight and not a favourite) but after that it went well. I felt really smooth and was convinced I hadn't picked up a single minor.

We ended up in this dead crap-hole part of town with cars lining the thin road on either side. For about the 8th time I was asked to pull in, then pull away when ready. It was getting on my nerves. I was going to so I put my indicator on and checked around. When I looked forward again the blue car that had passed was reverse parking just ahead of my on the other side of the road - no room to pass. About half way through waiting for her I spotted the car in front of her had pulled over. A learner she was doing the same as me. "Don't forget to cancel the indicator" I thought, knowing it was going to be a minute before there was any point moving away at all. I moved off and about 200 feet down the road, as I thought about aproaching the T-junction I realised I hadn't cancelled that damned indicator.

I cancelled it and thought back. I haven't passed a side street, this is a side street. Maybe I'll get away with a minor. I put it out of my mind and carried on.

We were heading up a small but very well used road that I knew lead near enough to the test centre. Time must be up right? "We'll turn left at the first lights and right at the second" I thought. The next thing I know the radio goes off saying exactly that. I get into the left turn lane (with filter light and slip) and watch the examiner in my mirror as he goes into the right hand lane. What!? He pulls across and looks mad. I figure I'm screwed and carry on. He changes the second direction to left and we go left. 1/4 of a mile down the road we turn around in an entrance and go the way I thought we were going to in the first place; the test centre.

I'm really mad by now and leave him at the lights by the test centre. I pull up and figure I've failed for mis-hearing him or pissing him off somehow or something. Other than that it felt really good. I thought he'd have me on the last couple of sets of lights somehow and a minor for the indicator.

Turns out I had a major for the indicator and nothing else! WTF!? I mean, I know technically but it seemed harsh. I kicked the life out of myself for an hour and headed home. Thoroughly annoyed at myself I am re-booked for a couple of weeks and have requested my old instructor for good luck. By then my Mod 1 examiner will be back and I hope for better vibes from him too. It's frustrating and old and tired but it's true. Think indicator every 10 seconds and check again even if you haven't used them.

(Oh, and the hill start was the flattest hill ever. BS.)

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Hey guys, i'm new here. So excited about passing my test today that i had to join up, if only to tell people about it!

So i did my Module 2 today at Ipswich (passed Module 1 first time, last week, with 4 minors) and passed first time. Just sort of wanted to post to tell of my experience, and a bit to demystify the whole process.

I arrived at my instructors' at 11.00am this morning, with my test being at 1.10pm. We rode up to Ipswich with the other lad from the school who was also doing his test. Arrived with about an hour to spare, after a lovely ride in the baking sun. I felt a tinge of nerves, but nothing like when i was taking Module 1.

When it was time for my test, Dave invited me into his office to check over my paperwork. He seemed friendly but stern. He then invited me out to the bike and told me about the process, and what i should expect - to ride for myself and obey his instructions etc. He then equipped me with the earpiece and asked me how i'd check my tyres were okay for riding on the road. Then he asked me to show him how to turn my lights to full beam. I explained, and demonstrated. Fine. He then asked me if i could hear him through his radio. No, i said. He got off his bike and came over. He hadn't turned my pack on. He went and checked again. Yes, i could hear him. He then asked me to get on my bike, and ride on as instructed.

I made sure i did my checks, and turned right out of the test center. We then headed straight up onto the A14. Lovely, i thought. I've been driving for 5 years and have about 200,000 miles of A road/motorway experience. No issues, we pulled off onto a roundabout, turned left and continued on a 5-mile long residential road. I missed the speed limit. I noticed the cars infront were doing 40, so i also did 40 - until i realised Dave was lagging behind, at which point i promptly slowed to 30. He then directed me left at traffic lights, and then next turning on the right. I made sure i performed my lifesaver before committing to the turn. Excellent i thought.

He then asked me to pull up in a convenient spot. I pulled up behind a van, and then set off when ready. There was a car coming, but i thought i had enough time to not hold it up. We then headed back towards the test center. We got separated at lights, and he asked me to pull up and wait for him. I obliged, and then we continued on our way. I was convinced by this point i'd failed for pulling out on the car (when he asked me to pull up earlier) and things were racing through my mind (i was trying to second guess what the examiner was thinking, and was getting worked up). We got onto the industrial estate where the test center is located. In the middle of the road, taking up the whole road, were two teenagers asking for directions. I got really annoyed as i knew something like this would happen on my test. So i stopped in the middle of the road and waited for them and the car to completely clear off before i moved.

We pulled back into the test center and i gave my instructor a swift 'thumbs-down' as i was convinced my ride was excellent, but a few mistakes had robbed me.

He then sat me down and those epic words came out of his mouth.....'you'll be pleased to know...' and that was it - GRIN :o

He said i had 3 minors - one for pulling on the car, one for the speed and one for leaving an indicator on when i joined the A14. He said as i noticed and rectified my mistakes each time, without affecting other road users or being dangerous, i'd done enough to show i was competent to ride alone.

I couldn't believe it.

So remember people - the examiners can be fair and forgiving. Never ever try to second-guess what they're thinking, as you don't know what they've seen or noticed or how they view each situation. Especially don't dwell on what YOU think is a mistake. Ride your normal ride and you will pass!

The other lad from my training school (who is a very competent rider) had the same minors as me, but a major for tailgating slightly on the A14...stupid mistake. He should definitely pass next time.

Good luck and easy riding everyone! :cheers:

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Took my mod 2 today in Farnborough and passed, what a relief.....!

Friendly examiner made things easier, did all the usual eye sight stuff and questions: "show me how you would check your brake lights were working", "show me how you would check your brake fluid" and the obligatory what would you tell a pillion to do when on the back of your bike"

Left the centre and almost immediately he asked me to stop on a hill (slight slope really), pulled away without indicating - got a minor because a car was within eye shot and it would have been useful to let them know my intentions - fair play!

Loads of different road types and lots of different hazards (we even had the rent a granny walking around her car just after we had turned left at a junction) interspersed with another two or three stops behind cars, stops with cars coming and a proper hill start, all pretty ok.

Got a minor for positioning/planning at a roundabout, again very fair, but I Passed - yeehaa!

Lessons learnt, treat the mod 2 like a lesson with an instructor and ride as you normally would do, don't try and do anything differently - the examiner said to my instructor "we're looking for bike riders, not people who do things for a test" he was talking about signalling for a reason, shoulder checks for a reason and not just comedy test shoulder checks...

Thanks to all who've previously posted, some great lessons learnt :cheers:

Pick up my Triumph Speedmaster on Friday.

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Had my test today...

Not much to report on, really. Weather was perfect and the examiner was friendly enough - calm, reassuring and professional. We got the eyesight test, show me / tell me / pillion questions out of the way (horn, oil level and the effect of having someone on the back, for what it's worth) and then headed out for the ride.

As it happens, I live just a couple of miles from the Farnborough test centre, and it was a relief to find myself riding on familiar roads up through town back towards home. The test route went right past my front door and took in a good chunk of my daily commute and other roads I know very well too - result!!

He asked me to pull over a few times, but always where there was plenty of clear space and no obvious obstructions, nothing that felt like he was trying to catch me out.

It felt like a good ride and I didn't recall making any obvious blunders - and, sure enough, I passed first time with just 2 minors :D


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Okay although successful today, I have taken two Mod 2 tests.

Its an A2 pass on a 125cc. I still haven't got the nerves of steel to do it on a 500cc bike, even though I can ride a 500 just fine outside of testing situations!

On the first one, I had an examiner on a bike.

Nervous as heck, I managed to get around but had a most unfortunate incident at a busy intersection turning left onto crowded road. I messed up my gears, and after sorting them out, forgot to turn off indicator. Examiner had to tell me "signal, cancel, confusing". A car was approaching from a side road, and it was a major safety issue. I failed. I got 2 faults and 1 serious/safety on that one. If not for that few seconds of forgetfulness I would have made it.

Today, the examiner was in a car. I was a bit more at ease, but still nervous. As it happened he took me around the same course as my first attempt. I felt I screwed up so many times. Stalled twice in different places, A bad turn (wobbly) at another. I was beginning to feel the pressure of failure! Luckily he didn't take me down the road where I had the indicator issue last time (too much road works). I passed with 3 faults!

So its a load off my mind and can now get on with getting my Kawa Ninja sorted out for the road again.

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As requested...

Arrived at the test centre, and waited around until it was time. Saw the examiner before hand and told him i'd inflated my rear tyre this time!

Finally came to 10:50, and he called me into their little room thing. Said all he needed was my CBT number, as he'd seen all of my documents so many other times Kitted up with the radio, off we went. As i answered the show me/tell me and eye sight test 2 days ago with him, he didn't ask me them and we just went onto the road straight away.

Did the usual riding around 30 limits, pulled over twice, one was the hill start and that was it. Did PLENTY of checking my mirrors and life savers, even did it do avoid some dodgy manholes right by the test centre (for brownie points ) We did come upto a couple of bus' pulled over which is always a nightmare for not knowing if i should go around or not. as i'd done my shoulder checks and begun accelerating to get around the bus, it popped it's right indicator on. I decided that i was already commited to the overtake and carried on, although oncoming traffic had moved over towards my side of road so it was a bit of a tight (ish) squeeze. It got me a bit conserned that the manuover could've been dangerous, but i checked my mirrors and the examiner had followed suit so that put my mind at rest

finally we got to a 40 and i sat along in the left hand lane. The speed limit was then 60, and the road was a dual carriage way. I was behind some cars doing about 40 in the 60 but i didn't overtake for a while (can't remember why ) but eventually i moved over and overtook the slower moving traffic. We then carried along that road, exiting at a roundabout onto another NSL dual carriage way. Noticed there was a caravan in the left hand lane so i moved straight over and did my best to reach 70 exitied that on a slip road and did a bit more riding about before returned to the test centre. It only lasted about 30-35 mins and seemed to fly by.

Returned to the test centre and took a seat whilst i was waiting for the little room thingy to become available. Wasn't actually too nervous for some reason Eventually, i got called in and he gave the old "*inhale* I'm pleased too...) by that moment for most moronic grin was already on my face. He gave me 4 minors in total, 1 was for delaying the overtake. He said he was desperatley hoping i'd do it otherwise it would've constituted as a fail, so he was quite happy for me I said thank you and shook his hand about 20 odd times , he also said "in the nicest way possible, i'm glad i won't be seeing you again"

Out the door and went over to my bike, and ripped off the L plates victoriousley. A passing candidate on his bike noticed and gave me a big thumbs up, which just added to my massive stupid grin. Hopped on and went home. Still grinning of course, and felt like a 'real' biker without the L plates

Sorry about the essay, but wooooooo! CBR600, here i come.

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Re-took my Mod 2 today... successfully! Turns out that the examiner I had last time is now known as "the nazi" and failed nearly everyone, even though I failed myself. It also turns out that the bike I had (and hated) last time was ticking over too slowly due to some engine fault and was now written off, so I got a nice new one which pulled a lot better. Finally, for good luck, I booked my original instructor who took me for everything but the Mod 2 day the first time round and felt much better for it.

Very friendly and chatty examiner this time (Scott in Gloucester - really nice bloke) who asked me about the oil and brake fluid before asking about effects on the handling of carrying a passenger. I carried on talking about carrying a pillion until he said thanks (bored I think) and walked off. He followed in his car with an examiners examiner with him. I felt way more relaxed because the couple of hours warm up had felt so good (only mistake being doing 70 in a 30 - long story).

We went to turn left at the major set of lights just by the test centre until he spotted the bridge was up and didn't want to wait. Felt a little nervous jumping over so many lanes of traffic to go right not left but still - he asked me to. I went on and even though I had kids run out on me twice and a couple of bus incidents similar to Josh it seemed to be going well. Time flew and I quite enjoyed it. Had a couple of tight squeezes and temporarily lost the car at a roundabout, some lights and behind a bus but not for too long.

Hill start was easy enough and only got pulled over one other time I think. I don't remember too much except getting stuck behind a slow car down the NSL country roads which was good for me because I can never remember where the one super-tight creeps-up-on-you bend is.

Made it back to the test centre in about 45 minutes and listened to the examiner joke with my instructor outside a bit so assumed I had passed (though I couldn't remember indicating or shoulder checking one time). I had passed - with 2 minors. One for no signal off one roundabout (went straight over and it was fairly small so not a huge deal) and one for being slow on a short section I thought was 20 not 30 (good job though because of the kids running out).

Scott was excellent and my instructor Rick was also brilliant. The ride home without the radio was smooth, quick, natural, relaxed and oh so satisfying. Now I just need a new bike!

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Congrats to houltmac on passing your test :cheers:

My test experience is uncannily similar to yours. I failed my first Mod2 for leaving my indicator on like you.

To relate my recent test experience. Thurs 17th Sept.

After failing my first Mod 2 at Macclesfield I was dreading taking the second, particularly if I had the same examiner again, who appeared to have graduated from the Atilla the Hun charm school.

Those forum members who have tested at Macc will know the rotund gentleman I am talking about.

Sat in the waiting room fretting for 10 mins then to my relief the examiner who came out wasn't the same guy. The examiner, named Bernard, star man :mrgreen: , was a mobile who covers for absences, hols etc.

He was friendly, but not overly, and polite and immediately put me at ease with some chit chat about the new bike he was picking up the following day. Fitted with radio and went outside and had two of the easiest safety questions you can get, oil and switching from dipped to main beam.

He told me the route to take out of the test centre and off we set, him following in a car. Down Churchill Way to Park Lane and on to Gawsworth. Right down a rural road and back into Macc through a housing estate. Only two roundabouts and one pull in and move off. The ride felt good and my confidence steadily built and I knew by the time we were on Oxford Road heading back to the test centre I would have to do something majorly stupid to fail. His instructions were clear and delivered in plenty of time and no problems with hearing them like last time. All over in about 20 mins.

Got back and parked up, remembering not to relax and did the final obs and lifesavers (OSM/PSL routine) as we turned into the test centre car park, and dismounted.

Went in and he said "right lets put you out of your misery, you've passed."

Only two minors, for approaching a pelican crossing slightly too fast an having to brake quickly when they changed. But as he said all in all two minors ain't bad and well done.

Now for a new bike 8-)

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Well done you lot. I had a successful Mod 2 today also. Got to the bike school at 9, and was quietly pleased to find out that I had a different instructor for the half day of training, he was a calm and friendly West country chap who put me at ease straight away, and didn't stress out nearly as much as the other guy I had last time, his reaction to a mistake was something like

"woops, try not to do that later pal, ha ha ha" as opposed to


Which was nice.

We drilled the routes for a few hours then headed over to the centre. Same examiner as last time. "Bugger" I thought, but he was much more cheery and more communicative this time round, must have been in the middle of a bad day the other week. Had a slight potential iffy moment in front of a van changing lanes to turn right (wasn't a huge issue, it just could have been worse) but he said after that my riding / observations smoothed out a lot so he decided to put it behind him and call it a minor. Got asked to pull over 3 times and the rest of the test went well and was actually quite an enjoyable ride. Done and dusted.

Now... How many defenceless grannies do you think I'd need to mug to buy a decent bike? Being skint with a full license and no proper bike is frustrating, glad it's out of the way though.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Well I failed my Mod 2 today and I feel like such an idiot :crybaby:

Was a bag of nerves before the test which did not help!

After the document check and radio check off we go.. seemed to go ok. It was raining a little bit, but it didn't put me off. The thing I was most worried about was lifesavers, making sure I didn't miss any out. But i ended up failing for going too fast!

After pulling out of a quiet residential road on a wide road with no speed limit signs in sight, which I assumed has to be a 40 and accelerating. A little voice in my ear goes 'Watch your speed - we are in a 30 zone", and that was it - I knew I had failed. I guess after reading about people failing for being too slow to get up speed, I did not want to seem reluctant or overly cautious, I should have just played it safe and done 30...

Well, thinking positively, there was no other problem areas, he made no comment about my lifesavers at all! So next time if I'm ever unsure, just play it safe stick to 30, and fingers crossed I might pass!

I was kind of tempted to ask the instructor if he had ever seen a motorbike stick to the speed limit, but he didn't seem to have a sense of humour, so I thought it best to just hang my head in shame and go home... :lol:

Just out of interest - does anyone know the amount of minor faults you are allowed in all before its a fail?

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Mod 2 today at Swansea test centre. Oddly I wasn't nervous at all, which was probably because my instructor kept me busy with small talk and sexist jokes, until it was time to meet the examiner and get kitted up with the radio. I knew the procedure by now as this was my third attempt at mod2 :oops: .

Ok, so, outside, read the number plate, no problem, on to the bike. "Tell me how you would check your tyres for adequate tread depth and general condition", then "Tell me how having a pillion would affect your balance" and finally "Show me how you would check the steering" so I put the bike on the centre stand, leaned on the back to get the front wheel off the ground and moved the bars from lock to lock. No problem, took the bike off the stand, back on to the side stand. Examiner then told me to get myself ready to ride while he got himself sorted. So I got on the bike, and as he's turning his back to me to climb on his bike, I felt my bike start to lean over to the left! I realised that I hadn't put the stand down properly and thought I was going to drop the bike before even leaving the test centre. Somehow I managed to keep the bike upright and got myself under control while his back was still turned.

Anyway, I managed to put that shaky start behind me, and had a good ride with no dramas. A few dodgy moments, forgot to cancel indicators, but only for what felt like a couple of seconds, and he didn't comment on that. On one miny roundabout I went for the indicator but missed and hit the horn instead. All the time I kept talking to myself "cancel indicators" "check your mirrors" "shoulder check" and most importantly "don't get too close to the fecking car in front" (which was the reason I failed last time - don't think I could live with the embarrasment of failing for the same reason twice).

The examiner gave good, clear instructions in plenty of time, the radio was working perfectly, and I felt good about my performance on the whole, but I was glad when we got back to the test centre. Into the briefing room, sat down, hoping for the best but expectng the worst, especially when he told me that I had a problem with left hand bends, going too far out to the right before swinging left, oddly my right handers were fine. You could cut the tension with a knife and when he finally told me I'd passed I let out the breath I'd been holding for the last few minutes, grinned like an idiot, shook his hand and rushed out to tell my instructor the good news. Then remembered to go back in and collect my licence, my lid and my gloves.

So, all I need now is to sort out MOT and insurance, and I'll be ready to hit the road, metaphorically speaking.

And I'm still grinning like an idiot.

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Had my Mod 2 at Burgess Hill yesterday (23rd Oct)

Had the usual questions about pillions then the old how would I check the oil and the chain. The examiner Mark was really laid back and gave clear instructions throughout the ride. We went through a variety of town and country roads, different speed limits, roundabouts etc. It was all pretty straight forward, had to pull over 5 times (twice behand a car and once up a hill).

It all felt like a nice little ride really, I did have a dodgy moment where I miss judged the angle of a junction and had to slow down when I pulled out which didn't give the examiner chance to follow straight away. I got a minor for that as it was poor planning. I also got a minor for breaking in a corner on a national speed limit road which was pretty fair as it did catch me out a bit, I could have just leant in more but I didn't want to look like I was booting it.

So thats it passed with 2 minors.

Seems that falling off my bike 30 minutes before my test was just good luck!!*

*please note I don't advise falling off your bike for any reason, even if it helps pass your test

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We did a mock test just before the test on a couple of the test routes in Erith and I thought the rides went well, with a couple of hickups.

The examiner asked me a couple of simple questions before we left. During the test we came accross some roadworks where he wanted me to turn right at the roundabout. I had to wait for the temporary lights, and then make a decision whether I was going to attempt to go around the mini roundabout or just cut accross. While waiting for the lights to go green, I had made up my mind that it would be safer to cut the roundabout, as I had a right signal on, and if I tried going round the roundabout it would look as though I was turning left which could have possibly invited traffic to overtake me.

I thought I would have got a couple of minor marks, however when I got back to the test center he told me I had passed with no minors!!!!! I couldn't believe it!

Anyway, its done now. Now comes the time where I can go shopping for a real bike!

BTW, the advice and experiences posted here helped tremendously, and 22 days all in from CBT to Mod 2 pass was more than what I could have asked for!

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Passed my Mod 2 yesterday on my second attempt :D yay! This time round the weather was pretty miserable, it was raining and a bit windy. Also, there seemed to be way more leaves and crap on the road this time round.

I was super relaxed compared to last time. I think knowing that I would have passed if it wasn’t for a stupid mistake on my part really helped. It felt like we were only on the road 10 minutes and I was almost enjoying myself! I was very surprised to take a left turn out of a little road and be thinking ‘oh wow, there is the centre. I can’t believe I’m done already’.

I was expecting some comments on my speed, having no knowledge of the local area, peeing down with rain, going down a national speed limit twisty road covered in leaves – I remember thinking at the time I was going to get a minor for being a sissy girl :oops: But in the debrief turns out I only got 2 minors for following distance, one I swear I don’t remember doing, but the other time I pulled out onto a main road in backed up rush hour traffic I got a bit close to the car in front and knew I shouldn’t have done it. But once I had committed myself to it, I couldn’t really reverse back onto the side road.

Also, I had a different instructor to my first attempt and I think it really depends on the instructor you get as to how your test goes.

First time I failed for doing 40 in a 30 zone – in my defence not a sign in sight, and it was a very wide road which I wrongly assumed was 40. But this time around, I turn onto a side road and a voice went off in my ear saying ‘just to let you know this is a national speed limit zone, just letting you know cos the signs round here are a bit shit’…. errm ok. Thanks for telling me, but it felt a bit like cheating :shock:

First instructor offered no clues and failed me for speeding, now the second instructors is telling me what the speed limit is! I’m not complaining or anything, but the difference between the two instructors was quite weird, I assumed they would have strict guidelines on what they can and cannot do , I would have thought telling the learner what the speed limit is would have been a no-no. I mean, shouldn’t the test be like they are not really there, and leave you to figure it out for yourself?

Anyway, enough rambling, time to go down the bike shop.

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Passed my Mod 2 on Friday, was nerve racking at the time but looking back it wasn't that bad.

Weather wasn't great, it was very damp and little showers of rain kept coming along.

Had a good ride out, know the area well which really helped keep me calm during the test. Got a few minors, one for being a bit slow accelerating after turning a corner and one for hesitating behind a bus when it stopped at a bus stop with its arse hanging out blocking the road - by which point I was a bit close to see my way past it and had to just sit and wait.

Apart from those it was a good ride. Went out today on my Bandit 650 and had a right good blast for a few hours. Really enjoyed it. Sure it will be the first of many.

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Just passed mod2 today, pretty uneventful test really, we went along the A1 for a few junctions, went for a jolly round Gateshead then went back in to the test centre.

3 minors, one for move away control (stall), one for signalling (indicating when it wasn't necessary) and another for pedestrian crossing (crossing the stop line before the other side was clear, but not entering the crossing area).

The examiner (A Forbes) was more than fair, had I mislead someone with the signal or the lights at the crossing had changed I'd have been typing a failure report right now.

Anyway, a pass is a pass. It's only taken me since March to get round to doing my test!!

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  • 3 weeks later...

Mod 2 passed today. First day it hasn't rained when I've been out on a bike for months- so that put me off a bit :)

But seriously, I got quite a lot to help me from the previous descriptions of peoples tests so here's mine in case it helps someone in some way.

Test was at 14:40 so spent the morning with the instructor doing some of the likely test routes. Then about an 90 mins before the test the instructor says - lets go and relax a bit - so he takes me on some national speed limit roads with good straights and easy bends for about 30 mins. It was fantastic, For any of you who know Newport, it's the area to the South of Liswerry - Goldcliff, Whitson & Broadstreet Common. Like I said, what a blast.

At the test centre we went off a little early on the sugestion of the examiner which suited me because I don't like hanging around the place. He asked me "Show me how would you check that the steering on the bike is OK" and "On this machine how would you check that the oil level is correct" followed by "If the level wasn't high enough where would yo put the oil to fill it up".

Then off we went. Examiner follwed me in a fiesta. No incident for a few mins but on a national speed limit road came up behind a Belgian behaving slightly eratically. As we approached a T junction he just stopped in the middle of the road about 5 yards back from the broken double whites. There was room either side to pass him but I decided to stop until he'd decided. He eventually indicated right and fortunately the examiner had previously told me to go left. This must have been the right thing to do because the examiner didn't even mention it afterwards.

Very steep hillstart, but no probs. Forgot to look out for speed limit signs on part of the route that I didn't know but the road was damp and leafy so stuck to around 30.

The examiner wanted me to get up quite close to a car for the angled start, may be 1.5 bike lengths and it was slightly uphill.

Lost the examiners fiesta towards the end of the test on a roundabout but slowed a little to let him catch up. Then back to the test center. He got out of the car and asked me another question - I was a bit surprised. Last question was "if you had a pillion passanger and luggage what adjustments would you make to the bike?" I told hime tyre pressures and suspension stiffnes, then he told me he'd probably check the headlight allignment as well!

He stuck his hand out - congratulations you've passed.

No minors.

Anyone want to buy a 58 plate YBR?

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