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MFN 29 Aug 07

Guest akey

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Right then, my missus and I are heading over to MFN tomorrow night if anyone else is going would be cool to meet up.

Look out for a red/white FZR parked next to a stunning blue and white GSX-R. Both bikes have gixerjunkies no plates with akey or willow on.

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Getting too difficult to plan meets now in the evenings, gets too cold and dark. :( Gonna be a looooooooonnnnnnnnnnggggggggggg winter this year

ahhh well, best invest in a warmer jacket, and gloves :lol:

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Right, Last call C'mon peeps weathers good, venue is good and I might even buy the teas!!!!!! :shock:

Last min decisions all round just look out for the bikes described above or a bloke in black trousers and a Clarion GSX-R jacket with a girl all in black leather (like that narrows it down) Sandra you know her so come on over we dont know how many more nights out there will be before it gets too dark / cold.

Well I had to try the hard sell a bit :D

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Cheers Akey, another good night at MFN. I'm getting to like that place rather a lot!

Lovely to meet Penny, and it's always a pleasure seeing madkwakamax.

I reckon we should have a big forum meet down there. MFN is by far the largest meet place I've been to. And it's pretty easy to get to for everyone.

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Go for it QB - pick a date not 16 Sept thats BSB at Donni. And I will do my best to be there.

Once we get into Winter we could maybe have a none bike meet - Maybe in Nottingham. What do folks think?

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My fella utterly faithfully promised to go this week - any excuse to get out on the bike AT ANY TIME - we have so much mileage to catch up on!! :D

Sheepy - that reminds me tho, my fella's dad is in hospital too on Wednesday for a not very nice op. Hope all goes well for your gran.

If all does go well for Allan's dad [fingers crossed, arms crossed, toes crossed, legs crossed etc] then you all can definitely count on us being there. Lurvly shiny red and white/silver SV, front wheel hovering off the ground as my arse now has to be right up at the back of pillion seat :shock: :roll: :lol:

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Mutual best wishes all around for Wednesday then!

I think all those going should have a think about meeting up on the big bike park on the Ilkeston/Shipley side of the place (the bit where the "drag" strip is).

It'll make finding everyone that little bit easier.

Also, echoing Snoopsies' thoughts about having a big meet there at some point in the future. Maybe not this year, but there's certainly some scope for getting a herd of us together when there's a gig on in the venue.

I crossed paths with one of the guys who looks after groups' lighting at the event I was at this weekend, so maybe I'll get some recommendations! Doubtless there's some accommodation nearby if camping there isn't possible/desirable (I'm only ten minutes away and can put a few up in my wee flat) and I'm certain others in the area might be accommodating too!

Just think.....

themotorbikeforum does Thunder Valley!!

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