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The other half has a T reg Focus with remote control door locking. There is something wrong with it now cos when she tries to lock it with the remote control key, it locks then immediately unlocks the passenger door and does nothing to the drivers door or boot. (works OK using key manually)

She reckons that there is an easy way of fixing this that she can do herslf as it is 'out of sync' but cannot recall what it is.

Can anyone help? :D


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if its anything like the puma try this

here you go mate try this and remember to do all keys.....

1. Close all doors and fasten the safety belts to make sure conflicting chimes do not sound during programming.

2. Turn the ignition switch from position I to position II at least four times in six seconds.

3. Turn the ignition switch to position I.

4. The central security module (CSM) is now in the learning mode.

5. Press and hold one of the buttons on the remote transmitter until a chime sounds. This indicates a new transmitter code has successfully received.

6. After each successful programming, another 10 second learning mode is automatically entered, up to a maximum of four times.

7. To program additional transmitters, repeat step 5.

8. The system will leave the learning mode after the ignition switch is turned to position III, or if no new transmitter is programmed during the 10 seconds, or if four remote transmitters have been programmed.

if this doesnt work try this

For the 3 button remote the programming procedure should be the following:

1. Put the key in the ignition and turn it to position II and back to 0 four times very quick.

2. When you remove the key the LED on the clock should light up constantly.

3. Whithin 20 seconds press any key on the remote that you want to program.

4. The LED should flash now to indicate that the programming was successful.

5. To end the programming mode wait 20 seconds or switch the ignition on.

If it dont work let me know and ill try find more info for you :)

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Thanks everyone, especially Angel :D

Its sorted now, her friend at work fixed it for her. Dont know how, just a combination of pressing buttons and turning ignition key.. or summat :!: :shock:


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