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  1. Sorted today, was just a rusted connection....... Its a 20 yr old bike after all so happy days now.....
  2. Hi people i have a 1991 "H" Suzuki GSX600F. Today on my way home from work i noticed the front right turn indicator is not working, rear lights but doesnt flash. Both left turn ones are fine. Swapped bulbs over from front left to right to check the bulb. still no good so not bulb.... What is it??? Ay ideas???
  3. Hi all, Here is my problem, On my 125 the gear link bar thing which attaches to gear lever and gear box via a knuckle either end keeps coming away from the lever knuckle. Under inspection the threads are slightly worn on this end, other end is fine. New parts are arriving Tuesday, but it`s bank holiday!!!!!!. Anyway would a layer of plumbing tape on the worn end give me a better chance of riding this weekend. Also if i leave the nut of this end i can screw right into the knuckle, thus giving me a tight fit, could i do this and tighten the other end with the lock nut? Or would it vibrate loose and bring me back to square one? In a nutshell, when i press down on the gear lever the bar comes away! Cheers Martin
  4. Hey,Great to see Drewster`s back Oh and i was in Asda today and picked up some Castrol 2 stroke oil for £4.95 1ltr. So him on Fleabay can goodbye to me spending my good money. Thanks again for all your knowledge Martin in Crewe
  5. We all start somewhere. This hair dryer gets me to work and back at the legal limit, and is a lot quicker and more efficient than the car!!! Besides this has to be the Pamela Anderson of mopeds!!! One day i`ll be a big Gixxer until then i`ll sit on my mates Hayabusa and ponder
  6. Well bugger me (or rather not!). Glad you noticed it was only 500ml, i was only thinking 1ltr. Your probably right, cheaper or the same at a shop.. Good response from all and thankyou. Gixers are the dogs dangly`s Hers a Gixxer 50 for ya
  7. A big cheers for your replies fellas Item in question is 200210625341 on the bay. A good price me thinks but will it suit my ride? Wouldn`t like anything bad to happen
  8. Hi its a 2004 with 9000 miles give or take a few.
  9. Hi all, A quickie for you? I`ve seen some 2 stroke oil on the bay at a good price too. What would you recomend for a Suzuki ay50 wk3 (in GXSR colours). Cheers Martin
  10. Mopeds are little things and tend to be used for commuting and about the town. So how far would they run constant for before blowing upor something daft? Don`t mean to sound naive but how about a 23 mile run from Crewe to Wem? All answers appreciated. Martin
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