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Challenge 2024 - Registration!


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Wow Hoggs, I hear you say, registration up already??? Does that mean you have done all the tags for next year???


Ha! No. But people wanting to do it will spur me on. so sign up! SIGN UP NOW! DO IT DO IT! 


For you old hands you know how it works and various other threads will pop up along the way.


For the new shiny players - Hi! Welcome! So you probably want to know how it works right?


Job number 1: Sign up here - pick a unique number of 3 digits or less, first come first served. Same number, different number, I don't care. Post below with your request and you will get added to this post. (hey, I hear you say, how come @JRH already has a number?? He has a lot of dirt on me. Also, are you allowed to play as you set it?? Check out my previous year scores I can assure you it is not a fix)

The list of awesome will be posted up on the evening of the 31st but entries will not be accepted before the 1st. Side bets on who will win first post out of JRH and @CB999 will be accepted whilst requesting your number.


You will be required to take a picture of you in bike gear / your bike with your number visible in front of the location and post in the relevant picture thread to score points. Although I am pretty chill on how much of either need to be in the picture and if you forget your number creative alternatives will be accepted. This is a compulsory fun based activity



You will get 10 points per picture and 50 bonus points for completing a set (sets are colour coded by region and there are a couple bonus categories)


As before if you can name your pictures with the tag reference that makes my life easier and it normally takes me the whole year to get over setting this so don't make me sadder.

Like a Christmas miracle the map link will appear after dark on the 31st December (hopefully).

As usual there will be a discussion thread for you to argue with me in  



Wow sounds amazing sign me up I hear you cry! Is there a prize for the winner? Yes a low res jpg of a trophy, I spoil you I really do. 


Mawsley - 00

Peepae - 1

Hoggs - 04

JRH - 9

charlie_580 - 21

rennie- 24

Mickly- 35

Bungleaio - 40

Fiddlesticks - 42

oldgrump - 53

Trooper74 - 057

Throttled - 57 ½

veracocha - 59

Russgas 067

Nick the Wanderer - 73

Bonio - 77

Grumpy old git - 114

Ian Frog - 256

Teo63 - 262

Simon Davey - 292

isla - 350

RigsVille - 404

Joe85 - 821

_amw_ - 864

CB999  - 900

peatear - 963 

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On 15/12/2023 at 12:58, Hoggs said:


Also, are you allowed to play as you set it?? Check out my previous year scores I can assure you it is not a fix

And @Hoggs has that tremendous total because when I went to help with a small repair on her bike we went out on a test ride and ended up at a couple of tags. 😉

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2 minutes ago, Simon Davey said:

I still have no idea what's going on, but if it means I can get the bike out, can I have 292 please. 

Welcome! And there will be a post with more info and a thread for questions and I'm always (ish) about for messaging! You'll get it in no time!!!!

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12 minutes ago, Nick the wanderer said:

Snap, I'll probably be the lowest score setter but great motivation to go... errr somewhere..

Well worth it - we've found some great roads and bike places in 2023.

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@Hoggs, can I take #900 again this season, as to who will register the first tag I know the answer to that conundrum but I won’t divulge at the moment, Merry Christmas to one and all 🎉🎉🥳🎉

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