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Challenge 2024 - Map and Pictures ONLY


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So  @oldgrump once again managed to win this amazing challenge for a 2nd year in a row (polite applause) 


Remind me what I need to do…..


1. Go to this thread and grab yourself a unique number: 



2. Check the map here to find out where you need to go (hopefully one of these at least works for you)






3. Take a picture of you or your bike outside the location with your number in sight (if you forget your number making one out of twigs or leaves is perfectly acceptable and encouraged)


4. Post that picture in this thread (this one right here!)


5. Update your point total (found in your profile). I will attempt to vaguely kee score as well throughout the year here 


6. Have fun!


General tags. As before there are FIFTEEN tags per mainland UK region AND because I am an idiot who listens to you ( @teo63 ) idiots the North East and West have been separated. So MORE TAGS WOO

PLUS bonus rounds in the Isle of Man, Isle of Wight and Northern Ireland (IOM and IOW are on the twenty or thirtyish roll over and are very sad no one has gone to visit them)


So, 10 points per tag as usual with the 50 point bonus for completed regions/bonus rounds (these are clearly separated into colour groups on the map). There will be a spreadsheet of doom again that I use to keep track (badly) of the scores. As always you can challenge my counting and I will probably make sarcastic comments before going and doing it properly  


So as the regular players will know we have a bonus round, last year I outdid myself with the naughty place names so this year will be an obvious disappointment. So I went full narcissism and we are having the ALL THINGS HOGGS ROUND! What the actual flubberdubs I hear you say. What do you want us to find? Well… Hogg things.. ,maybe you’re near a Hog Lane, a Hogg Street, live near Hogsthorpe, Super Sausage Cafe, Bacon Lane, a Harley Davidson dealership.. Well I think you get the point! As always I encourage you to be as creative as you can and give me a laugh with your finds! We’ll do 10 points for the first 10 with a 50 point bonus and then I’ll carry on the 5 points per additional find as I am so generous.


Pub Round – This gets harder every year… I think we have done every pub in the UK already so this year I am extending to pubs AND CAFES and I want to you find numbers 1 to 9 (eg. The Two Wheels, The Four Tops, The Nine Drunken Mice) for your 10th we are going WILDCARD as high as you can! Do you know a Million Mile Cafe? A Billion and Three Cats pub??? Go for it and at the end of the year the highest number wins a special prize (it’s Hoggs points so you know… don’t stress over it too much)


As always this thread is for PICTURES ONLY. If you want to tell me how awesome I am then you can do so here 


For the new arrivals the discussion thread can also be used if a tag is no longer actually there. It may surprise you, but I don’t actually physically go to the places.. I fly there through Google maps. And sometimes it hasn’t been updated. In the event of a “dead tag” I will find a suitable replacement. If the establishment has just changed its name please advise of the new name, the file will be updated and points awarded.


This year we’re a bit heavy on garden centres as they have a great habit of being where I want a tag, easy to find, big sign and generally they have cafes and toilets so YOU’RE WELCOME!



GO!! GO!! GO!!

Challenge 100 2024.gpx

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Pubs / cafe with numbers #2 coffee #1


west midlands #1 Upton house.





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Ok, how many points does this earn me? 60,000,000 I reckon 😁


Final pub - 10pts +50pts +?pts


The Sixty Million Postcards, Bournemouth







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OK @Hoggs strap in!



Hoggs #1 - The Piggy


Hoggs #2 - Pighue Lane


Hoggs #3 - Hoggin's Irish Pub


Hoggs #4 - Spitroast


Hoggs #5 - Hoggs Hill Lane


Hoggs #6 - The Woollen Pig


Hoggs #7 - Hoghton Close


Hoggs #8 - The Boars Head


Hoggs #9 - Snoutwood Trotters


Hoggs #10 - Chester Harley-Davidson



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My first (and possibly only) points this year:


Carlton War Memorial (East of England):


Porkers Lane (Hoggy Bonus):


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Off the mark!


Pubs & Cafes 01 - Cafe #1




Pubs & Cafes 02 - Three Horseshoes



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West Mids #9 - Medibee @ Troway Hall


West Mids #10 - Speedwell Cavern


East Mids #6 - Faun Cafe


East Mids #11 - The Hay Barn Cafe

East Mids #12 - RAF Metheringham Memorial 

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Pubs/Cafes #10 - The Billion*


*As we all know, a Grand is one thousand, ergo Thousand Million = Billion. (As per my inarguable logic 😁)


Edit: D'oh! See here.

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Pubs / cafes with numbers #3. Two Boats

West Midlands #2. Daylesford Organic




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